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    The console "war" is back on, I suspect. :hmm:

    Fucking huge news though.
  2. Xbox One just made a face turn! :mog:
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  3. who didn't see this coming? besides the irrational dweebs who had pitchforks and torches at the ready
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  4. Holy shit. The two factors Sony were using to sway the votes have just been removed. Now it's just about the content of the console. Great move by Microsoft, but I fear it's far too late.
  5. when do these things launch? I don't think it is too late at all.
  6. Isn't that everybody?

  7. not really
  8. E3 has just gone, and it was watched by millions. There isn't another platform that can do that, and this blog post needs to be eaten up by mainstream media to be seen. It needs to be explained. They should have done this at E3, and if they did, they could have competed with Sony or surpassed them. Currently, PS4 sales are SO FAR ahead of Xbox One lol.
  9. Really felt like it. For the first 3 days I couldn't go to any site without hearing about how everyone hated Microsoft :hmm:
  10. Oh man. Xbox is trying to reel people back in but it may be too late, many people have already pre-ordered PS4's. Either way, still not getting an Xbox. Don't think they can be trusted with all the shit they've already pulled.
  11. I was going to the get the console either way,this is just a plus. :joeyryan:
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  12. Smartest decision they could have made. You know why they changed it? Because WE THE PEOPLE! Our backlash has made them realize the error of their ways. Now i'm going to buy a xbox one because I know they are my bitch.
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  13. Them backpeddling/reverting was to be expected considering how the pre orders have gone. They will likely catch up in the long run as the generation goes on and new exclusives are revealed during its lifetime.

  14. What % of gamers do you guys really think are pre ordering consoles months and months before launch? like .01%?
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  15. :yay: I wasn't the only one then! #XboxHipsters
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  16. No way. PS4 already messed up badly by insisting the PS4 is all about games, yet having a crappy line-up for the release. Lack of exclusives, developers leaving Sony for Microsoft, and their main titles due to release in 2014 instead will screw them over. Microsoft messed up just as much, but are now undoing that. I fully expect Xbox to sell more and be widely regarded as the better system again.
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  17. Xbox will win on being a multimedia system. A "mommy and daddy box" with media functions/widgets like Netflix/the tv changer function.
  18. Going to gamestop tomorrow and switching the $100 to xbox one, :obama:
  19. I read a gaming blog the other day now and it had PS4 so far ahead. I said the same thing about them btw. They focused on Microsoft's flaws instead of doing any innovation themselves. I don't even see the huge difference between PS4 and PS3 other than specs, but Microsoft have shown some next-gen innovation imo. I'll be buying an Xbox One probably now I've read this.
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  20. So replace the word 'gamers' with 'people who will buy a next gen console' . Point being pre sales really don't mean jack shit when both companies will be selling these things for the next 5+ years. The VAST majority of people are still yet to buy and thus decide on a console. the people pre ordering are the super minority.
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