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  1. Reports are coming in all over the United States confirming that one man by the name of @Dolph'sZiggler has just resurfaced from a chilling slumber. Paleontologist Jack Durant uncovered what seemed to be a large icicle underneath the sands of Huntington Beach. What first seemed to be nothing but ice turned out to be something far more serious. It was a naked man entrapped in a block of ice.

    The giant 'mancicle' as California residents are calling it, was taken to a near by Mortuary where it was thrown into a crematorium at low heat to thaw the ice. Once the ice was thawed, Doctor Mike Hunt slapped the man several times with his penis to make sure he was alive. The man immediately reacted to the gesture, stating ' it was a universal sign for mating ' where he comes from. The man was offered clothes but refused, stating ' he was in his natural habitat with other males. ' The man called himself 'Dolph'sZiggler' and said he was from the Faggola Era, trapped in what was not frozen ice.. but frozen semen. More reports as they arrive.
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  2. I've got to tell your story.
  3. Knew this was going to be a shit thread coming in here.

  4. ...You came for the shit then? :kitler:
  5. Your presence made it shittier.
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  6. deth got ether'd
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  7. Fuck you D'Z.
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  8. ilu I was jkin
  9. lel

    only D'Z can hurt my feelings
  10. i'll destroy you soon enough. @ghost.
  11. I work in mysterious ways


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