Breaking: Wolves win the tag titles at a house show

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  1. Way too damn soon for them to get the titles. Jesus.
  2. Damn, that was unexpected for them to get it so fast. I feel like there should have been a build, it's even worse it was on a house show.
  3. Soo soon and at a house event at that.. Crazy talk..
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  4. My opinion is that of the many that I'm sure share it :emoji_slight_smile: Way too soon and way too weird having them win it at a house show.
  5. I'm not sure about the "too soon" argument. They were immediately hyped up as one of the best best tag teams in the world as soon as they debuted, and the only two other teams in the entire tag division can't do anything right and got their asses kicked by the Wolves in under 10 minutes combined. May as well put the belts on the Wolves now, why not?

    And personally, there's an Impact house show here next Sunday. After this that house show feels a lot more important than any Bromans/Wolves match you can build up.
  6. True, idk it's just weird to me they decided to do it at a house show like that.
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  7. ^Can definitely understand that. Is weird not seeing it on Impact.
  8. I know that their background plays a huge role in building them up as a credible tag team, but just around a month before you gave them the belts? Hell, even Lesnar waited three months before gaining the belt, and that's if you don't count developmental. I could've seen this being turned into a stronger angle rather than just having the Wolves take the gold at a house show. I imagine a rematch will happen at Lockdown, but this kills the momentum for them in my mind.
  9. Like I mean I know it happens haha I was at one in 2010 where Jay Lethal won the X-Division championship back two days after losing it at another house show, It's just weird when it does haha :emoji_slight_smile:
    I do like the addition of the Wolves to TNA definitely two solid roster spots for a Tag Team division that was certainly lacking personnel
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  10. Ahaha nooo way :emoji_slight_smile: I was actually going to go to that show but had a 103 degree fever and was vomiting like crazy so I had to sell the tickets the day before for like $5 under facevalue.
  11. A house show? Wut...da...fuq
  12. Lol a house show? Title changes are supposed to be special and this just devalues them further.
  13. I have no qualms about them winning the belts, as I expected it to happen sooner than later, but at a house show? What are the pros to this?
  14. TNA fucks up again.
  15. Why is there Lesnar talk in a TNA thread?
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  16. Dixie has only done this cos shes trying to get back at WWE for taking Hogan
  17. Will judge when I see how this plays out on TV.
  18. **Impact Opens**
    Tenay: OMG IMpact fansz! You wont BELIEVE what happened at a tna live event in west virginia at a high school gym! The Wolves are tag champs they beat the BroMans!
    **cut to grainy footage of house show**

    OH MY GOD!

    **Wolves come out w/ belts & MVP for opening segment**

  19. Am still completely okay with this.
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