Breaking: WWE Considering Major Change To Wellness Policy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Following the recent suspensions of Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, WWE officials are discussing making a major change to company’s Wellness Policy – revealing what caused the talent to fail.

    The belief is that wrestlers will be discouraged to use drugs if they know their drug use will be made public knowledge.


  2. It's a great change. They already have a strict drug policy, it's a good addiction, I believe it would help.
  3. So, when's RVD 4:20 coming back? :sad:
  4. He's on Smackdown. He's bald now and has put on quite a bit of muscle, and he squashes local jobbers.
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  5. :bury:

  6. :lol1:

    You and me would be a great bookers.:dawg:
  7. Good idea.
  8. I thought they always somehow got public anyway...but I guess it might effect some superstars, while others won't it's worth a shot I guess.
  9. Stop hating on Ryback ffs :sad:

    Good move by WWE.
  10. Not sure how I'm hating, just wondering if he got RVD's old locker, bong and all, or just his singlet.

    I like Ryback, I just won't give a damn about him until he's put into a feud or storyline.
  11. Great move. It's their own fault, so there is nothing wrong with revealing their wrongs.
  12. At least you like him.

    He looks better in that singlet than the alcoholic ever did. #HomoIntended
  13. RVD is a stoner, not an alcoholic. Get it right.
  14. He's both. He's always drunk dude.
  15. Saw a vid of RVD smoking one while riding a bicycle in Amsterdam. :lol:
  16. This could be a good deterrent. Hope it works
  17. Source?
  18. [​IMG]
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