Elimination Chamber BREAKING: WWE Superstar replaced in the SD Elimination Chamber match.

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    In last night's Smackdown tapings there were a battle royal on who will replace Orton in the SD Elimination Chamber match and Santino won.

    F***...this EC will suck so hard.
  2. Sucks for Randy I was looking forward to him in there. Oh well at least Bryan is retaining now.

  3. Yeah it is so predictable now that Randy is gone..he is the expert in that kind of match.
    And the fact that Santino got the spot is even worse than Khali being in the match.
  4. Santino in EC? WTF.
  5. Well..who here thinks that they just punished Orton for the botch on Monday Night? It's just a guess I mean no one has reported the full reason on why he's really gone..

  6. The good thing is he'll probably take the quick loss to make someone else look good.

    @[Zamorakian] I can't see them punishing Randy for that he's one of the golden boys. I can only see him being legit injured.

  7. Well uhh it was just a guess..the injury hasn't been reported yet and no one knows why. So i think we'll have to wait for another report on his status.
  8. Santino will go to wrestlemania as the wwe champion after winning the Elimination chamber. If he wasnt in the Elimination Chamber i would have predicted him to beat Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania.


    Actually imho Khali is a great inclusion in this match, he cant wrestle for shit but in a 6 man match inside the EC hes dangerous and can put Bryan over if brian eliminates him.
  9. Wow. I clearly hate the WWE now, and I would like somebody's ass to get fired.... That is some major BS.
  10. Pretty annoying since Gabriel could of given some athleticism to this match. Sad thing is it's just a waste, everyone knows he won't win.

  11. This is a great point. Khali is always credible due to his size amongst the casual viewers.
  12. Athleticism in a EC match? Somethings wrong inside your head surely.

    Imho, even Santino is a better choie in the EC match than Justin G.

  13. Why ? People like Jeff Hardy and John Morrison have provided some great spots during previous EC matches.
  14. I loved JoMo's spot from last year iirc. Climbing onto the roof of the chamber hanging upside down and doing a crossbody on The Miz (?)
    Damn that was awesome.
  15. If this mean that Bryan retains, then I'm happy. I mean, not "Orton is injured, yes!" happy, I'm just happy that Bryan retains.
  16. EC Replacement.

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    OMG Right?

    I think this is going to ruing the smackdown chamber, now there is 4 participants that could win. Who agrees

    Edited title to avoid anyone complaining of spoilers as SD hasn't aired yet.
  17. RE: Santino replaces who????

    I'm just hoping they show a backstage segment with Santino getting beat up by Christian and Christian taking the E.C. Spot.
  18. RE: Santino replaces who????

    I would prefer christian tbh, he would make the chamber interesting. I miss him on Smackdown, it's not the same
  19. RE: Santino replaces who????

    So, this is pretty much like a 5 man EC match. Maybe Santino will make a history for being the fastest person to eliminated in EC?
  20. RE: Santino replaces who????

    ... or he could last until the end and beaten last

    Of course, that's never ever happened before... not even at Royal Rumble '11
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