News Breaking: WWE Suspends Ricardo Rodriguez.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by THG?, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Out of all people, it's him. I've always thought he was a normal guy IRL, so I don't know what substance he possibly took. Explains why he wasn't on Raw yesterday.
  2. Lol God dammit Ricardo. :ricardo:
  3. What a boss.
  4. Oh wow, Ricardo got suspended? Next thing you know Cena will be suspended. *prays*
  5. Didn't know you needed steroids to announce
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  6. I wouldn't pick him as someone who was on something. Maybe someone mixed something into his burrito lol.
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  7. [​IMG] Rodriguez
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  8. What Senhor is trying to say:
  9. What a fucking guy.
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  10. :lol1: Wonder what he was on.
  11. Guessing weed or some other recreational drug. Must be why they had Ziggler beat the fuck out of him on SD
  12. Isn't weed just a financial fine on the first offence in the WWE? I remember R-Truth not being suspended until he busted out the synthetics.

  13. No idea, but since that makes absolutely no sense I'll assume it's true, knowing WWE.
  14. I'm glad we get to see Alberto alone. Ricardo that little shit.
  15. He probably smoked weed. Airbourne got caught like a year or two ago and was suspended for 30 days.
  16. Bourne was caught smoking fake weed
  17. ...Oh yeah, that's right. lol
  18. What a heel!
  19. Latino Heat
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