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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 23, 2012.

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    CM Punk reporting in.​

    Anyways here is the question of the day. (Have not done it in a while.)

    Who do you predict to be the breakout star of 2012?

    Give a small or large explanation why?

    Who will it be?

    - Dolph Ziggler?
    - Cody Rhodes?
    - Sheamus?
    - Daniel Bryan?
    - Many More...
  2. Great thread. Surprised this wasn't made already. Going to say two if that's okay Mr Punk!

    1st: Cody Rhodes

    -The guy has been magnificent. He went from being just a bit above average in the ring and on the mic to being one of the best mic workers in WWE today, and exceptionally good in the ring to watch. The guy oozes charisma, and if he can improve that much in such a short period of time (and has had 3 gimmicks since, all of them over) then I suspect 2012 is his year. He'll be WHC after mania.

    2nd: Dolph Ziggler

    -Exactly the same as above. He's known now as the best seller in WWE, something that is rightfully his. He is magnificent in the ring, I could watch him for hours. He now gets spoken in the same sentence as Bryan & Punk, if that's not improvement what is? He was horrible on the mic though, he had no presence and couldn't get over. Then you look at last week... that's how much the guy has improved. Got an amazing amount of heat, competed with Foley on the mic, was just exceptional. I went from not baring them to becoming marks of them.
  3. Mr. Punk! (Mister = Mr.)
  4. Skip Sheffield.
  5. Nice post @[Adam] I believe Skip (aka Ryback) is going to be huge in 2012.
  6. Instant star.

    Look out for a Lesnar-speed push.
  7. I think Sin Cara will be the next breakout star. That, or Justin Gabriel.
  8. Gabriel is one of those guys who could get over with every member of the audience. The adult men because he's a great wrestler, the women and girls because he's got a good look and the kids because he can do flippy shit. He reminds me abit of Jeff Hardy. He's not got as much charisma as Jeff but he's got more then say John Morrison.
  9. I'm hoping he'll return as heel. Wouldn't mind a lesnar-like push at all.

    Disagree personally. Gabriel doesn't have the look of Hardy. He's the typical "tanned guy in trunks" wrestling. He has no mic skills, so he has to rely solely on wrestling to get over. Worked for Hardy because he did insanely risky stuff, and looked completely unique. Worked (sort of) at times for Morirson because again, he done risky not-seen-before stuff (rumble for example). Gabriel is good in the ring but there is no charisma there at all :S

    My opinion though.
  10. Ok, Crayo, but what do you think about Sin Cara being the next breakout star?
  11. He's kind of already broken out imo. He was one of the biggest draws in the world for a few years.
  12. Yeah in Mexican wrestling he was, this I know. But I'm talking about his stand in the WWE.
  13. He did break in WWE, he was incredibly over until they did that pathetic 2 sin cara's angle.
  14. Yeah, I hated that feud, it was pointless.. Now Sin Cara is out for about another 5-8 months...
  15. Yeah his injury was bad, I saw that live. Soon as he landed I knew he'd be out for a while.
  16. Nah i'm pretty sure he'll be back up soon tho
  17. Anywheres from June to August.

    Sin Cara SVS Injury

    Really looked painful..
  18. Would love Gabriel to get a push this year!

    however i agree with @[Crayo] gonna be Ziggler and Cody's year with imo continued pushes on Punk and Bryan!
  19. Forgot to mention Punk & Bryan, I guess I just class them as complete stars now. I think Ambrose might be a breakout star if used properly, and Brodus Clay will continue his epicness.
  20. I forgot about Ambrose actually. When he get's called up he's going to be a star in no time.