Bret Hart Says HBK Stole Ladder Match Idea, Going Over Warrior

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 11, 2012.

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  2. I hope Bret isn't trying to make it sound like he invented the ladder match, because I'm pretty sure the first ladder match ever was in the 1970's but I forget who the participants were in it.
  3. About older stars not passing the torch - he's 100% right. It's typical of Piper to be the exception, he's such a class act.
  4. The ladder match could have been invented by either Dan Kroffat of the Stampede Wrestling organization out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada or British wrestler Kendo Nagasaki. In September 1972, Stampede Wrestling held the first-ever ladder match between Dan Kroffat and Tor Kamata, where the object to be grabbed was a wad of money.[2] In 1987, Kendo Nagasaki competed in a ladder match on the popular World of Sport.[citation needed]

    In July 1983, Stampede Wrestling held a ladder match where Bret Hart faced off against Bad News Allen. Hart went on to join the WWF and suggested this type of match to promoter Vince McMahon, where the gimmick achieved its current popularity.

    The first ever ladder match in the WWE was Bret Hart v. Shawn Michaels and the outcome was Bret Hart leaving as the first ever wrestler in the WWE to win a ladder match.

    from wiki
  5. Not sure about the ladder match thing, but old wrestlers refuse to pass the torch many times. Piper is a great guy for doing it.
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