WrestleMania Bret Hart says that he could see Cena turn heel this Sunday.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Zamorakian, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Man, honestly I don't know what I should expect.
  2. I am not expecting Cena to become heel at all anymore, sadly...
  3. Wasn't he the heel in MiTB match with CM Punk? He basically walked in heel, and then the next night he was the face again
    And yea, Cena will be a face for a long time I'm afraid. Or as he said himself, he will be himself, he's not gonna change that
  4. The guessing of the heel/face turn of bothh Cena & The Rock is hard to guess. I suppose everyone will have to wait and see
  5. Well, he walked in with no smiley entrance, hat was down, and that's it. He was basically the heel as he was boo'd so freaking much for everything he done, but his character was still a face.

    That's what makes this match amazing.
  6. I hope Cena does turn heel at Wrestlemania because it is long overdue. Also, his character is way too bland.
  7. He was still babyface but that night he was like the villain since it was in Chicago and CM Punk represented himself as a anti-hero.
  8. If he doesn't turn, I'm still hoping for a character change. A more aggressive edgy Cena.
  9. This. Either he needs to turn heel or more aggressive.
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  10. Though what can face Cena do now?
  11. Cena is a hybrid. He is face to many and heel to many more. Why turn him officially heel where he wont sell merchandise when you can have him be heel in the minds of the majority and not lose any revenue...
  12. I've seen this argument plenty of times and I normally say the same thing. Cena is seen as a heel by the IWC definitely, which has rubbed off on some casual adult males booing him too. So when he goes to stadiums for RAW, sometimes he is 25% cheered and 75% boo'd. Sometimes it's 50/50 and sometimes it's only ~25% booing him. Even if the whole arena is booing him, he's not a heel. It's not his job to boo him, he's not a draw if he's a face who gets boo'd too.

    Cena is a draw now because casuals pay to see him beat heels right? He's not a heel now despite the boo's because they don't pay to see Cena lose, if they do, they're obviously morons. Him turning heel though won't affect his status as a draw. People will still pay to see him, however, it'll be reversed. They'll be interested if face 1 can beat this heel Cena, or what's going to happen etc, the mystique of heel Cena after being face for so long = draw.

    Now merchandise, that won't change either in my opinion. Previous fans of Cena will either still be fans, or haters. Haters can buy the "Cena sucks" shirt which will sell out once he becomes a heel. I don't think many of his current haters will suddenly become huge fans of his either, half will, half won't because their hate for him is that strong it's become personal. So they'll continue to buy "Cena sucks" shirts and the new fans of his heel persona will purchase his new heel attire.

    That's my opinion/theory of it all. Rock and Hogan heel turns went perfectly, this one would be the same.
  13. Ugh. this thread is horrible
  14. Why heel Cena would be awesome.
  15. :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. Rock and Cena turn heel the next night :shock: ?
  18. NO IT WOULD NOT. humph *folds arms and walks straight out*
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Lol aww. You know the Cena you've been seeing recently? Aggressive on the mic, edgy jokes/content, that's what he'd be like as a heel - entertaining as ****.
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