Bret Hart talks TNA, Styles, Hogan, Bischoff, etc.

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  2. Hulk Hogan has nothing to offer TNA? But he once claimed he taught Vince McMahon everything he knows about wrestling. :haha:

    I wouldn't call Eric Bischoff a complete idiot. I think Bret is still bitter they didn't just postpone or completely discard Sting/Hogan for Bret/Hogan at Starrcade 1997, which is one of the things Bret has always cited as proof of Bischoff "not knowing a good idea if it smacked him in the face." I also don't think Bischoff has any real creative power in TNA.

    I agree about AJ Styles. And it's a shame because he's already 35, which isn't old but it means so much time already wasted in TNA that he can't get back. I think they first began negotiating with Styles sometime in 2003 or 2004 but he stood his ground and stayed with TNA.
  3. I agree with pretty much every word he's said about Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff. I used to watch a lot of TNA before they took over in all honesty. They take all the rejects, too.

    AJ Styles doesn't need WWE to prove he's a phenomenal, a great competitor or one of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. But, if AJ Styles wants to create a bigger name then he needs to go to the WWE. I like AJ Styles and he's one of my favorite superstars as he can play a heel and face really well, and can actually entertain the viewers.
  4. Hogan is overpaid, but he definitely has something to offer to TNA, he proves it by the reactions he gets everywher he goes and when he does media interviews promoting TNA, and you can see when he's doing it, tickets for the PPVs start selling quite better. I mean, he's Hulk Hogan - the name itself brings value anywhere it goes.

    As for Bischoff - the guy ran WCW while WCW was beating WWF, I wouldn't call him an idiot purely based on that fact.

    And Styles? What's the guarantee that he will suceed in WWE and won't become midcarder or jobber? Maybe they have been pushing Bryan, Punk and other small guys as of late, but means shit while Vincent is in charge. AJ Styles made TNA, he is TNA, the face of the company for 10 years, and IMO, he should retire there. Go to WWE, says the guy that got "screwed" by them.
    + When the old timers say you have to wrestle for WWE to be a star I just want stand up and say do you remember Sting.
  5. Anyway,

    Hart is bitter, you can see it by listening this interview.
    Everyone he mentioned he buried. And he's been doin it for years now.

    Hogan and Bischoff have done nothing for TNA? Breakdown since 2010:

    - Live? Check.
    - On the road tapings? Check.
    - TV tapings on the UK tour? Check.
    - More international deals and more TV markets? Check.
    - Ring Ka King, British Boot Camp, Australian Boot Camp? Check.
    - Biggest US attendance for TNA ever? Check.
    - Biggest ratings (not currently, but you get the point) )in TNA history? Check.
    - 160 shows a year? Check.

    And many other things. Many lousy things (departures for example) have also happened since they arrived, but to say something like that is redundant.
  6. OH MY BROTHER! :testify:
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  7. He'd still make more money and get a lot more exposure by going to WWE. Being objective, there's more positive benefits to going there than negatives. Most of the guys who have jumped ship from one company to another (that 'another' being WWE) have become bigger stars as a result, even if they didn't become main eventers because of it.
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  8. True that, but I always say: look at Sting (even if you can't compare the WCW size and TNA size). TNA still hasn't hit it's prime time yet, IMO.
  9. Hogan's response:
  10. I would use Ric Flair as a better example. I know he's been to WWE, but 99.9% of the legacy he's carved out for himself has been through his career in the NWA and WCW. He's a prime example more than anyone that one can be a legend and a draw without the WWE banner (although I'd still stand by my point about someone wanting to succeed in the major leagues like WWE.)
  11. Times are much different now though. When Flair was making his name NWA was the biggest name in wrestling in North America. WWE is much bigger now then NWA was then, so he's right. The most exposure you can get is to be in WWE. As much as I like TNA and want them to be competition for WWE, they just won't be able to overcome all the years of experience and worldwide recognition WWE has been able to amass.
  12. I think Gabe Sapolsky (ROH, Evolve and DGUSA founder) once said that every indy wrestler should strive to be in the WWE and thus he won't hesitate to cancel a talent's DGUSA/Evolve contract if they get offered a WWE one. He was more passive/hesitant with TNA because he wants to be sure his boys are taken care off.
  13. Bret Hart is nothing more than a bitter old cry baby...

    He lost every bit of respect I had to him...
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  14. I agree (I made Bret's point myself), was just stating that Flair was a better example than Sting. I will still say that TNA could luck up and have a guy that catches fire and momentum (think of how right when WWF started winning the ratings war again, Goldberg got huge in WCW) but even then, there's a decent chance that said person will want to take their bags and travel up North to WWE and make a mark there once they feel they've done all they can do in TNA. The only way this could not be the case would be if TNA surpassed WWE in all areas, which isn't gonna happen because look at the history and global recognition of WWE. It's a huge mountain to overcome and WCW had it a lot easier in the 90's than TNA does now.

    To go along with what I said (and it's part of the Bret was making, even though he didn't state this specifically), one big problem TNA has to deal with is that for anyone new that's coming up who has talent, there's an incredibly high chance that most of them are already gonna be snapped up by the WWE. And there's just as likely a chance that the WWE is where the vast majority (let's just say around 98% or 99%, that sounds fair) are headed anyway. There were even guys in WCW that said even while enjoying their time there that their big goal one day was to work for WWE and become successful there (Jericho comes to mind here.) WWE is where most all of the greatest stars and most of the greatest moments in wrestling have been made, and guys in the business will naturally want to try to go there and become a part of that history.

    Back when WCW had the history and prestigious of being a part of the NWA and then the WCW years, it was different. But with TNA, it isn't quite the same. That's why I made a thread about a month ago in the Other Wrestling Section, where I said I wished WCW was still alive in TNA's place for this reason and others.
  15. Well, of course, if someone goes to WWE they'll instantly become bigger, but in the long run they may just become jobbers and be fired anyway. But Bret really comes off as bitter, it's really, really rare for him to say good things about someone.
  16. He always puts over Punk, DB, Taker, Styles and others. Bret likes guys who can perform in the ring and believes WWE is the best place to do it. Can't argue with either of those points.
  17. Yeah, that's true. But overall, when you only see the Bret we have today and didn't watch him in his prime Hogan is right, he mostly comes off with that negative vibe.
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