Brian Kendrick Conspiracy Theory DVD

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. CIA & Sex slaves?....Really?
  2. Freaking love Kendrick but this is too weird
  3. I fucking love hearing Kendrick shit on about this stuff, also heard Kendrick/Callihan from WreslteCon was dope. Definitely gonna watch this.
  4. The fuck? This is more than a little strange. "9/11 WAS A WORK MANNNNN"
  5. CIA and sex slaves are a real the late 80s. There are quotes from kids who were in the bohemian grove up to mid/late 90s, but im not loooking forward to watching this so i can hate.

    Just going to put out there that just because one idiot say something stupid, doesnt make the topic/subject any less true. There are morons on both sides, if you disagree watch for news for 20 minutes, switch to msnbc for 20 minutes, go to fox for 10 and back to msnbc for the last 10. It's the same shit, with a different bias.
  6. will pirate to see this, then watch the match for callahan.
  7. Isn't the bohemian grove a place where lots of wealthy people go like a sort of club if you like?
  8. youtube it bro. there are a ton of deals you can get the general basis off of. Alex Jones will be the main source.
  9. Next you're gonna tell me wrestling's fake.
  10. I'm......I'm gonna watch this.
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