Brian Kendrick - What could have been?

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    Spent the night watching some of Kendrick's old THE Brian Kendrick gimmick from Smackdown and I figured it would be worth a discussion. I like Brian's gimmick he ran here. He was a douchebag, smarmy and arrogant and you would have loved to seen him have his face punched in. The fact that he had muscle in Ezekiel to protect him only helped enhance the douchebag gimmick.

    Kendrick was released around 2009 though but I feel like the E missed some opportunities here. Kendrick could have been a midcard staple and not just a tag guy who somehow became a somewhat known singles wrestler. I could have seen him have an IC or US title reign similar to the Honky Tonk man, cheating and using his characters douchyness to enhance himself and the feud. But that might just be me.

    Do you feel that Kendrick could have been good for the current WWE mid card if he was still employed?

    How many singles titles would he have held?

    How long would the douchebag gimmick have lasted?
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  2. Weird thing is today i was watching some old ladder matches and came across the London/Kendrick tag title ladder match at Armageddon I believe. After that I went to YouTube and looked up some of the old The Brian Kendrick matches/promos and i totally agree. I was thinking the same thing while watching his matches. He could have been a good champ and like you said with Ezekiel with protection it would have been a very good heel. I think they missed the opportunity AGAIN. Sadly they do this to a lot of good wrestlers.
    I also saw he fought and beat Cabana. I didn't even realize that Colt was in the WWE... lol my bad, its a shame he didn't do much either.
  3. Colt just didn't fit in the WWE.

    And yeah, Brian could have been a good staple of the mid card as I've already said. Underrated wrestler, a solid talker as the douchebag heel and with his size and build it all would have worked to his advantage. A smaller guy stealing a title off of a over babyface and then cheating to retain it week after week sort of writes itself. Especially if you let his ego get to him.
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    The greatest moment in WWE history bar none.
  5. I remember that. Imagine if he had won it. Vince would probably have shat bricks.

  6. This disagrees.
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  8. First mistake was spilitting Kendrick and London.

    The BK wasn't even that good. Dude didn't get over in both charachters.

    Watch some of their old tapes with the A.P.A. charisma missing a little.

    Great style, just not the full package imo.