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Jushin Thunder Liger was one of Brian Pillman’s greatest rivals. They had en epic clash at SuperBrawl II and were also the first match ever on WCW’s Nitro broadcast. Earlier this year, Liger announced that he would be retiring in January 2020 at a NJPW show in the Tokyo Dome. Until that date, Liger is embarking on a farewell tour across the world.

Brian Pillman Jr. wanted an opportunity to share the ring with the legendary Liger before he retired, but it didn’t seem to be in the cards.

It would have been the ultimate honor to wrestle Jushin Thunder Liger before he retired. The contributions he made to this business are countless and the matches he had against my father are timeless. However, I must find my own Liger, the ultimate opponent, the Apex of combat

— Brian Pillman Jr. (@FlyinBrianJr) March 8, 2019
In July, Pillman Jr. had a chance to at least wrestle in the same building as Liger with the PWX promotion. In a promo, he explained the deep meaning Liger has to him.

On that day, Pillman Jr. was able to get a keepsake photo with Liger.

I don't always ask wrestlers for pictures but tonight I made an exception!!!

— Brian Pillman Jr. (@FlyinBrianJr) July 8, 2019
Little did Pillman Jr. know that his dream would come true a month later. He got a match against Liger with Defy Wrestling. It was a trios bout and not one-on-one, however, it was still a special moment.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to come across any clips from the match yet, but here are some neat photos from the beginning and the end.

24 years later...
Liger v Pillman forever

— Osh Kosh Big Josh (@xIAMHOLLYWOODx) August 24, 2019
A picture's worth a thousand words.@Liger_NJPW and @FlyinBrianJr.@defyNW#DefyanceForever

— Ian Aguirre (@SkillCheck) August 24, 2019
Liger wrote a touching message afterward. Time to dial up a translation machine.

Tonight is a game with another group. In the diagonal corner, Brian Pillman’s son, Brian Pillman Jr! Moreover, I wear a father’s gown! When the game starts, it’s an enemy, but when it’s over, it’s no side. #son
今夜は他団体で試合です。なんと対角線のコーナーにはブライアン・ピルマンの息子、ブライアン・ピルマンJrが!しかも親父さんのガウンを羽織っています!試合が始まれば敵ですが終わればノーサイド♪笑顔で写真に収まりました☆親父を超えたと言われるレスラーになって下さいね。 #息子

— 獣神サンダー・ライガー ☆ Jyushin Thunder Liger (@Liger_NJPW) August 24, 2019
In the scripted world of professional wrestling, it is cool to see moments that are special in real life. Pillman Jr. had a memory he’ll never forget when he locked up with the illustrious Liger. Three cheers to all involved for making this happen.

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