Brie Bella being in the ring with Bryan...

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  1. Are you a fan of it? I think they need to keep kayfabe separate from reality. Those two doing the yes chants together was incredibly cringey.
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  2. How great would it be if Kane gets a hold of her next week and shaves her head!
  3. Wasn't a problem for me. Everyone knows they are married so seems stupid to me if she isn't involved sometimes.
  4. All they talked about the past week was Brie and Daniel getting married and that Daniel was returning from his honeymoon.... why wouldn't Brie be out there with him? It wouldn't have mattered either way but it didn't hurt that she was there.
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  5. I can understand how they are the new popular couple of the WWE, but I think they should leave the screen time to WWE.

    Unless however they are finally pushing Brie Bella into a storyline then I am all for it!
  6. I was hoping next week Kane kidnapped her and burnt a picture of his dad. Not being sick just thinking it can get him more over.
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  7. That is sick though.
    They didn't even mention it on Raw- hence the reason they kayfabe injured him, so to do that wouldn't make sense either.
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  8. Yeah, i guess i was mark talking.
  9. She was there for story purpose. Instead of Kane just going after Bryan, he went for his wife, which set Bryan off.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I had suggested Kane shave her head, but after I wrote that I also thought it might be good to involve Kane + fire. ...but not a picture of the dad. Oh no no no. Set HER on fire ala JR.
  12. Yeah, I didn't watch the segment but I'm guessing she was there so Kane does something bad to her during this storyline.
  13. I agree with Crayslow that we need a little more kayfabe in our lives.

    But yeah, probably hard to keep it kayfabe nowadays especially with that Divas show
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  15. Looked so awkward with her doing the YES! chants.
  16. I personally do not have a problem with the two being in the ring together as long as there is a reason for it. With the Total Divas show gaining speed with fans on the E network. I can see them adding her to the current story line as a way to give the show something to watch and add ratings. I also think that having her added into the story line will also keep it from getting it stale and give them a few more angles that they can go down now that they are acknowledging the couple. I doubt that she will get the Divas title because she hasn't done anything to earn it but I think that they are just scratching the surface with this couple mark my words.
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    Kane should have had sex with Brie in the ring. Then we he cums, his ring pyro goes off
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  18. @Britanica ?
  19. Sadistic Bastard!
  20. yeah of course, who the fuck else would i be talking about. What? Did you think that was a typo :silva:
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