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  2. DB is banging one Bella and DZ the other. I bet they have hot 4 ways all the time
  3. I heard they got released. What's the status on that?
  4. Their contracts expired. I'm assuming they have some other shit they want to do, but my guess is they will be back sooner or later.
  5. Wait, DZ is banging a bella?
  6. Maybe used to be dating, idk if they still are
  7. I swear Dolph had a different girl now. He was accompanied by his girl at the HoF and it certainly wasn't a Bella. But knowing Dolph he's gone through 5 others since then.
  8. does she scream that during sex or does he..........:silva:
  9. lol.. :mj:
  10. Both :obama:
  11. Awesome.
  12. Oh sweet YES!


    Oh sweet YES!
  13. Nice picture... DB is a lucky guy.
  14. Cool shirt, she said: 'Wearing my fav shirt while doing some house cleaning.' So obvious.

    Ziggler is no longer with a Bella, he had a WM date, so I assume they aren't together at the moment.
  15. Daniel Bryan is a lucky dude to be dating a Bella twin
  16. DZ used to date Nikki but that was a while ago.
  17. I think Dolph and Nikki have an on/off relationship as I notice they tweet eachother and sometimes tweet a pic of them together

    So Daniel Bryan has Brie

    Dolph Ziggler has Nikki

    Its win/win for them
  18. Del rio's slut
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