Brie Bella's New Theme Song.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, Sep 12, 2014.

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  2. I don't care for it, but I don't like the one they shared either.
  3. Think it's safe to say that Paige is the only diva with a decent theme.
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  4. It's a pretty good theme song. Her previous theme music that she shared with Nikki hurt my ears.
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  5. The theme would be alot better if it started at 0:16 imho.

    The intro just doesn't set right with me.
  6. Sounds like an opening for Total Divas.
  7. Which would only be appropriate...
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  8. Beat me to that response.
  9. Holy fuck. This is the worst song I've come across in a long time. No joke.
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  10. It's definitely one of the worst.
  11. CFO$ needs a steel pike to the jugular
  12. this my new jam yo! :woohoo:
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