Brie Bella's Vow To Stephanie Mcmahon

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Butters!, Jul 31, 2014.

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  2. LOL at WWE making Brie the superior Danielson.
    WWE: Ruining one marriage at a time.
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  3. "She is a McMahon... she doesn't like to lose. She is going to do everything in her power to make sure she doesn't lose."

    In other words, figuring out a way to turn her sister Nikki against her and help her (Stephanie) win the match. Heel turn incoming!
  4. This is exactly what's happening and it's going to suck, because Nikki is horrendous.
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  5. And Brie isn't?
  6. Not as bad as Nikki
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  7. I have to say Brie's improved a hell of alot.

    From her acting in that kane storyline, to her acting here. it's safe to say that she's at least trying.
  8. McMahon's never fly solo. They will always pay a mercenary to finish what a McMahon starts.
    Brie will always be associated with Daniel Bryan. This V2 in a saga built to desecrate Daniel Bryan.
    Nikki is fit for a turn: She's jealous and self-serving (If you check out the season 2 trailer for Total Divas, she's begging Cena for a baby)
    WWE has never wanted Cena tied down and this creates the operative dynamic to build season #3 of Total Divas.

    Brie, like Bryan, must claw her way through the trenches to topple down the evil queen.
    Brie v Nikki will be a nice little sub-feud before Royal Rumble when sic Eva Marie on her (whom also is being groomed)
    They're liking building this a Brie v Steph WM match with Nikki back in Brie's corner and Eva Marie in Steph's corner.
  9. So Brie vs Nikki at NoC, you guys think?
  10. Pretty predictable. Nikki gonna turn and shiz.
  11. Maybe if the internet buzzes about her turn enough, they will call it off.
  12. buuzzzzz buzzzzzz
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  13. Nice
  14. It was so obvious Christian was the guy who attacked Jeff Hardy in a stairwell in December of 2008, that the internet buzzed about when it was learned Christian was leaving TNA for WWE by January 2009.

    As a result. Matt Hardy was given the angle and were treated to a dogsh** match at Mania between Jeff and Matt.

    This was in contrast to Christian who ended up having a fantastic 2009 in ECW. Jerks.
  15. lol I honestly had no idea that the E' even bothered with what anyone else thought... i mean, they still have great Khali on the roster so can't be too much in touch with what people want.
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  16. It's relatively rare but it happened. Boy, did it happen.
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  17. But, Brie's not a champion yet.
  18. Just because the stipulation of the PPV is that every championship must be defended doesn't mean that every match on the entire card either has to be a title match or nothing. Otherwise, there would only be five matches total this year.
  19. Yes, what Lock said. Every title must be defended but not every match has to be for a title.
  20. If Brie wants to keep momentum she must wrestle at NoC.
    She could wrestle anybody, but it will obviously be a heel.
    With Total Divas new season in September, now's the perfect time to turn the heat on the burner.
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