Kayfabe Briefcase Goals

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  1. *Will Neilson is sitting backstage in his locker room, Antonio is currently competing in his triple threat match and Rhys has gone to the toilet. He begins to talk to himself, composing himself for the semi main event tonight as he competes in a Deathmatch against Chris Parks, the man who savagely brutalised him last week.*

    Will: Fuck me man..... what have I got myself into? *Starts pacing up and down the room.* All I got to remember is to win. Chris is a fucking physcopath... there's no telling what he could do to me, Rhys and Tony. I know one thing for sure though.... it doesn't matter if I win or lose, Tony will face Chris at Money in the Bank in a Hell in a Cell match. If there's one thing I can do... it's damage and weaken Chris, he's over 7" and can probably pick me up without trying.

    *Will sits down again and looks up at the poster advertising Money in the Bank, he sees himself, Rhys, Cali and Jack Rouge all on the poster staring down the briefcase.*

    Will: Let's see here... *Grabs the poster down* Technically it isn't a free for all... it's a 2 vs. 1 vs. 1, me and Rhys eliminate the competition and then fight it out ourselves to see who gets the briefcase, I mean it doesn't matter which one of us wins... if one of us wins it will mean a lot to both of us. I know if I win Rhys will help me cash in that briefcase and if he wins then I will help him cash in the briefcase. *Someone knocks on the door.*

    *Will goes over and opens the locker door, Rhys Haze walks in and they both sit down staring at the poster advertising Money in the Bank, Rhys begins to talk...*

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  2. Rhys: So we've made it this far already, Money in the Bank. It was only a month or so when we had our first match in the undisputed title tournament... And now look at us, the faces of this poster. I thought we were gonna be arch rivals dude! And now we are preparing to fight for this contract to the gold as a team. *Rhys laughs and so does Will* as long as we work together, The Last Heroes could be the new faces of Precision. Nothing is stopping us now to unhooking our dream from that rope hanging from the roof of the arena. Just... Dont die against Chris tonight, okay; It is important that you heal up before this match, im not dragging you up that ladder. Chris wont be a problem for the ladder match anyway, hopefully Tony will take care of him.

    Rhys: All i've got to think about is fighting Spike for that Iron Man title. Its gonna be tough but I could steal that belt away and walk into Money in the Bank with some momentum holding the title... *Rhys walks away now to get ready for his upcoming match*
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