Briley Pierce claims NXT coach sexually harassed female wrestlers

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Rysenberg, Jun 22, 2013.

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  2. Holy shit. :wtf:

    I'm not even sure how to react to this. It's also kind of weird that I just got done watching Law & Order: SVU, so this seems like a plot from it, lmao. But seriously, those poor girls though. You think that's why he was released?
  3. Tbh I think he was just released cause he's not very good. But that's a few guys that have been saying weird things about developmental now, I believe them tbh.
  4. *le shrug*

    Half of me wants it to be false because, of course, of all that awful sexual harassment, but the other half doesn't want Briley to be lying and maybe butthurt about being released (which is ridiculous since Zigs is getting a major push).

    It's just an awful situation...
  5. Kinda explains the AJ push.
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  6. inb4 AJ fans rage at Crayo, lmfao
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  7. It's a shame this is happening, however given the reputation the industry as a whole has it doesn't surprise me. A lot of the women who get in the business are seemingly rats who'll do anything to get ahead (pun semi intended [Ok that one wasn't intended at all]) and some of the guys will take advantage of anything they can.
  8. I remember reading this about DeMott some months ago, yeah. That's too bad, if it's true hopefully they'll be able to stop it soon.
  9. Doesn't surprise me. Wrestling is a business with a bit of a shady rep come things like this. And Bill Demott being an idiot is not news at all. There have been rumors about him being a dick for years.
  10. It is very un WWE like to ignore this....
  11. This doesnt surprise me one bit, Demot has always seemed a bit of an asshole, Reports of him being stiff and rough on people on Tough ENough and in NXT and now this.
  12. Sadly,

    ^That. So many of the women in wrestling are talentless and want to slurp dong to get to the top, so it can really hinder the progress of actually talented women who aren't willing to stoop to those levels. This dynamic also breeds the type of attitude represented by a douchebag like Demott. Fuck him.
  13. Typical that WWE would allow a crackhead like Demott to go anywhere near their company...
  14. That Demott shit is ew.
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  15. That's nasty. It wasn't a huge shock knowing this kind of shit was probably going on but I never knew about that Demott making the males wrestle nude. :mad1:
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