Bring Back Angle Back to WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by AttitudeEraFan27, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Anybody wants Kurt Angle back ?
  2. Thought for sure this was a BLFFL thread
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  3. Ill Let Kurt finish of his recently started stint in rehab and finish off his current TNA contract before thinking about bringing him back.

    If I want Kurt Angle back I want a clean Kurt Angle in prime shape. Not Kurt on his way to being the next big bottle popper in wrestling.

  4. Me too.
  5. so thats a yes or no?
  6. Same happened here, then saw it wasn't BLFFL and read the thread.

    Now seriously. Kurt says he may wrestle for about 4 more years so bringing him back to WWE would be a waste of money... Who would Angle feud with? Van Dam? Ric Flair?
  7. Its a no.
  8. Well he can come back as gm or work with new guys you know -_-
  9. I'd love to see it, I'll always be an Angle mark. Angle/DB is the stuff wet dreams are made of.
  10. One last run wouldn't hurt.
  11. Yeah, but coming back to put over new guys would make him lose is Olympic Gold Medalist prestige.
  12. i dont think anybody gives a crap about gold medalist prestige .Besides if he looses his prestige he can regain it by facing the american badass in wrestlemania .
  13. Wait, what? How? Why? Huh?
  14. Seabs you are such a simpleton.
  15. I must admit my childhood self would be pretty happy to see him back. Once he's straightened himself out though. I'd rather see him come of out rehab and succeed than be back in WWE any time soon.
  16. That's true, but he may lose to Taker too because WWE wouldn't let the streak end imo.
  17. I'm quite sure he'll come back, but he has to go through rehab and his TNA contract before that can happen.

  18. Nothing quite like being short and sweet hey?

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