Royal Rumble Bring the shovel baby!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Zamorakian, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. I cannot believe this hammerhead came back and actually took the championship from Roman Reigns. Yes I am talking about yours truly, Triple H aka Paul Levasquenotreallybotheredaboutspellingitright.

    The COO came back and buried every single face he could "lay" his hands on. Got to love it to be honest since I'd rather have him as the champ than Roman Reigns.

    Oh by the way, if any of you oldies are out there. Life has presented lovely opportunities to me and I am the founder of an online platform which is draining most of my time. Hai.
  2. Hey-yo. Welcome back.

    And oh... HHH doesn't :buried: people, pal. :Trips3:
  3. I thought people would understand the definition of "burying" by now.
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  4. It was best for business, all the other superstars were B plus. :pity2:
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  5. lol No one got buried last night. And HHH winning is to put over Roman Reigns in as big a way as possible at WM, so him winning the world title for now is fine. Just a shame this wasn't Ambrose's push as him vs HHH/Vince/The Authority would have worked so much better and had the support of the crowd so much more, but oh well.
  6. Triple h filled the role for mega heel and will push reigns to a bigger status by putting on a great match with reigns at mania 32. No burying. This builds plot.
  7. Triple H didn't bury jack shit. He did the logical thing. He took the title off of a not-so over face. And added another plot point to their long running feud.

    This is to help Reigns' push, obviously, so If you are a Reigns fan. There's nothing to fear, about Reigns nor the others that lost.
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  8. Seems like somebody's still mad about NoC 2011. :pity2:
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  9. Cm punk!!!!! Cm punk!!!
  10. Triple H is the only interesting character on the roster.
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  11. It'll all be worth it when WM ends with the crowd boo'ing as Reigns holds the belt up over HHH.
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  12. HHH winning the Rumble is my favorite wrestling moment of all time. I've been wanting to see this since 2009. Wouldn't have had it any other way.
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  13. Vince is just living in the 80s still, we can never win sadly, we all would love to see Dean win this shit but we can't.
  14. It makes you wonder what the original plans would of been if Rollins, Cena, Sting, Orton, DB, Cesaro, etc all weren't injured. I feel like Triple H vs Reigns definitely wouldn't of happened if Rollins and Cena were still in the mix.
  15. I'm afraid Rollins and Cesaro would've been doing nothing significant if the injuries didn't happen. Orton probably, as well. The plan was to have Rollins lose to Reigns at Survivor Series and after that, all Rollins was told about Mania is "You're working it."

    DB would've faced KO for sure. Sting vs Taker or Sting vs Wyatt would've happened and Cena would've prolly defended the US title or faced Taker.
  16. I think Rollins vs Triple H would of happened. Reigns would of taken the belt off Rollins at SS or TLC. Then Rollins would of got a rematch, maybe even entered the Rumble but would of came up short and hI'm and HHH wold of starred the feud afterwards. Rollins and Triple H werE definitely heading for a feud to see who "the man" was
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  17. Oh crap, you're right. I totally forgot about the whole "the man" thing.
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  18. Well, before The Rock and Ronda were out of the picture, the rumored Wrestlemania card (as far as the top four or five matches go, anyway) as of around mid-August to about early-September was:

    Rock/Ronda vs Triple H/Stephanie (or Rock vs HHH and Ronda vs Stephanie in separate matches)
    Brock vs Undertaker III
    Shield triple-threat or Reigns vs Cena for the WWE Title
    Bray vs Sting

    ...Which would have been a pretty great card, speaking objectively. Funny how many were hoping at the time that we'd end up getting something different than what I wrote above, yet looking at the way things are shaping up now, most would have probably preferred that we had gotten this compared to whatever we're gonna get.

    With Rock out, HHH vs Rollins was definitely the back-up plan, and then, of course, the rumored card continued to go through other permutations thanks to the piling on of several unforeseen circumstances: Rollins' injury, them deciding to blow off Brock and Taker's rubber match at Hell In A Cell for whatever reason, Cena's injury, Sting's injury at Night Of Champions, Orton's injury (it was never rumored, but I think he definitely would have squared off with Bray Wyatt in Sting's absence), etc.
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