Briscoe denies WWE rumours

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. :sad: Too bad.
  2. No redneck king fu!
  3. Good, fuck WWE.
  4. :downer: Wish they were hired.
  5. Bad Influence vs the Briscoes would be very entertaining. Are you listening brother? :hogan:
  6. What a stupid post. Despite your vendetta against WWE and the company, those wrestlers deserve success and WWE is the highest platform foundation for that. Ask yourself why many indy wrestlers who have had multiple public blasts aimed at WWE before have ended up wrestling for that company? Money talks, fame talks, the largest audience to showcase your talent talks.

    This is a shame.
  7. They are awesome and deserve big money, but the little douchebag inside of me is happy because they're staying in ROH.
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  8. :dawg: Name the last 3 wrestlers WWE has put over, and think of the countless losses of wrestlers. I enjoy a better product, and think it will take a failure of WWE to honestly get down to a reasonable debate over product vs product, but yes, for now, WWE is the great place to be.

    Money doesnt mean shit compared to the other two, and there are plenty of places to acquire the fame outside of the WWE product you seem to admire. As if i give a shit about your opinion on my post quality.

    Also, the post above me ^ is > your opinion.
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  9. Okay, now I know you're the village idiot around here. Anyway, "name the last three wrestlers WWE has put over" - not sure if serious, go watch RAW and look for yourself, moron.

    "You enjoy a better product", I'm not sure if you mean you enjoy a product that is improving or a separate company than WWE. If the latter, then good for you? If the first, then WWE recruiting those would make it better.

    I admire WWE because I want incredibly talented wrestlers to get what they deserve on the biggest stage? Does it mean I'm a huge WWE fanboy because I want Sting to retire at Wrestlemania? Grow up.

    His post basically agreed with mine, but he added that the guy inside of him would want them to stay and so would I -- as a frequent watcher of RoH -- but I would be ecstatic if they went to the big stage and succeeded.
  10. Village idiot? Ouch? I think.

    You can suck WWE's dick all you want, it leaves you in the minority here, as most of the wrestlers who are liked around here (at leeast in my world) are the ones shit on most, at least up until recently. The last 2 months aside, WWE has been a shit product with 3 hour horrible shit shows, and you can defend it all you want. Fuck your opinion, you are a pathetic WWE mark and it shows. Yes, Sting should retire TNA, same as angle. It makes you an idiot.
  11. My name is Bobby Ray and you're labelling me as a pathetic WWE mark who sucks the companies dick. Lmfao.

    Where have I once defended the WWE product? You fucking idiot, Jesus.
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