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    This week’s action packed edition of Ring of Honor Television comes to you from The William J. Myers Pavilion, deep in the heart of lovely Baltimore, Maryland.

    We start out with a matchup featuring a man who has been to every mountain top in Ring of Honor facing off against a man who has cemented his legacy in the tag team division, yet seeks singles glory. “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong takes on one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions, Bobby Fish. Strong is on a tear right now, facing and defeating elite talent at every turn. Fish has been doing the same in the tag team division. Can Fish stop Strong in his tracks or is “Mr ROH” on a roll that can’t be stopped?

    Controversy is present this week as ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal is prepared to defend his championship against the 2015 Top Prospect Tournament winner Donovan Dijak. Truth Martini has something up his sleeve that you will leave you stunned.

    Our main event this week is for the ROH World Championship. Jay Briscoe defends against Jimmy Jacobs. Most were stunned when Jacobs called the champion out last week on ROH Television, but to fully appreciate him, one has to understand the genius of Jimmy Jacobs. Briscoe is currently being hunted by former ROH World Champion Samoa Joe and Jacobs is looking to capitalize on that. Jacobs is a mastermind who is not above trying catch the champion off guard. Is Jay Briscoe distracted by the impending challenge of Samoa Joe? Could his streak of not being pinned or submitted in over two years be in danger? Tune in this week and find out!

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