Britanica's Zoo (Locker Room Edition)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. I made a Zoo in the DX area... Now I want to make one here! :pity::dawg:

    This is pretty much animals I would like to own.
    Also, I will post my current animals here as well.
    I want to start making more videos of them soon.
    When I move I will be able to make a crap load more...
    CAUSE I WILL HAVE MY TWIGGY! :angry: :otunga:

    So here are my current pets:
    PC, Twiggy and Piccolo. Also have Razer and Jazzy living with us.
    Twiggy stays at my moms cause Jazzy no likey him. :downer:
    Also, Jazzy only has 3 legs so she sleeps all the time. lol

    PC & Piccolo

    PC raping my blanket lol

    PC & Jazzy


    Razer & PC battling

    Razer when he was a baby

    Jazzy trying to sleep

    Also... my mom's dogs

    I have to get a video of Twiggy next time I go there. :obama:

    Animals I would like to own in the near future:
    African Serval
    Bob Cat
    German Shepherd
    Alaskan Malimute
    Siberian Husky
    Wolf/Dog Hybrid
    Savannah Monitor
    A Female Domestic House Cat
    Another Paddle Tail Newt (My Tokie passed away :emoji_slight_frown: )
    A Large Turtle
    Rabbits (Would be kept outside, living in the yard with a small barn)

    And that is about it for now. I am sure I want more then just that. I know realistically... I can probably only own a dog, another house cat, and possibly a Caracal or Serval. If I had the money though, I would have my own little zoo!
  2. Yes. I know. I am the crazy animal junky of the forum. :pity::dawg::woo1:
  3. A unicorn!


    An unicorn!
  4. You upload the oddest video's.

  5. NO! :angry: :mad:


    I may add a zebra to me list though. :obama:
  6. That's what she said. :ksi:
  7. A dragon!
  8. NO! :goatface:

    Now serious question, do you actually want to work in a zoo?
    Also xbox tonight.
  9. You, saying that? :smug:

  10. I WANT TO OWN A ZOO! :angry: :yes: :yes: :yes: :smug: :woo1:
  11. Britta's Zoo?
    Brittamania's Zoo?
    Britanica's Zoo?
    :ksi: Zoo?

  12. Can I be a monkey?
  13. I want a baby Orca :downer:
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