British Bootcamp 2

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  1. Anyone watching the second season of British Bootcamp? It's a lot more wrestling oriented this time around, loads of more wrestlers and it's shaping up to be a good season. I mean, we've had some fantastic talents like Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray, Mark Andrews, Grado, Rampage Brown and Noam Dar who could win it and on the next episode, we will finally get the big matches between all of them. My 2 cents (or like, 2 pennies) is that Nikki Storm, Mark Andrews and Noam Dar would slot right into TNA - Storm is the perfect heel Knockout with a lot of wrestling ability, Andrews just has that likeability factor and just like Noam Dar, can be a great X-Division guy (matches with the likes of Samoa Joe? Yes plz!).

    And we do have what seems to be a storyline where Grado was late to the Bootcamp stage 2 in Glasgow, was kicked out by a very angry Al Snow, came back for the Manchester auditions, got kicked out and now turned up in London, finally being allowed to get one more shot, one more chance at making it in the business.

    Next week's episode is gonna be great.
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  2. I'm a big fan of the show, loved the first series too.
  3. Just catches up, with how it's going, I can see Grado getting into TNA at some point but the Welsh Lad Mark Andrews, Kris Travis (despite his current condition) or Rampage Brown to win it.
  4. This Sunday the Top 6 will be brought down to the Final 3.

    Finale is on December 7th, winner gets a TNA contract, while the two runners-up will be on the TNA UK Tour in January 2015.
  5. Each person cab fufill a place in each division...

    Mark would be my first choice though flowed by Rampage then Kay Lee but this year's has been a good one and Grado vs Al Snow in January will be good.
  6. Ahh, get hype. Although the Brown-Bram and Andrews-DJZ matches aren't entirely the best matches I'd want on the finals - then again, all 6 get to be in the British tour, so yay. Mark vs Low Ki is a match I'd love to see next year, while Kay Lee Ray will really help the Knockouts Division, and Rampage Brown could be apart a midcard title division if TNA decide to do one; for example, an Intercontinental Championship. Be a good way to give the young guys more experience before they get to the top, like Magnus and EC3.
  7. Looking forward to watching the final tonight. I hope either Kay Lee Ray or Mark Andrews win. Not liked Rampage the whole competition.
  8. I'm hoping Mark Andrews wins. I've seen him at a fair few live events, he always puts on good matches. Rampage is a little bit bland for my liking.
  9. Rampage is to generic for me. Doesn't have much personality.
  10. Mark Andrews won. He is great, I have spoken to him a few times and he is one of the best high flyers in Britain so I am glad he won. Hopefully they don't bury him like DJ Z lol.
  11. Don't think they will.

    They have a great following in the UK so, He'll probably do well and he'll win the X-Div title down the line to make the UK Fans happy...Kinda like Sanada this year....

    If anything, He'll be relevant like Spud.
  12. Hopefully he'll still come back Rev Pro and Progress. So glad he won, he really deserves it.
  13. He probably will as TNA have been allowing their stars to compete in independent events here and there..
  14. Really glad he won. I do think his match with DJZ could have been better, but I liked how he mixed it up in the ring, using other ropes for a change in direction. I though Kay Lee Ray's match was amazing.
    Some fantastic competition this year, will keep an eye out at indy matches. Recently got back into the indy shows and hope to go to some next year.
  15. Looks like TNA are really going to reinvent the X-Division again, bigger emphasis on it and now we have arguably the best wrestler from the series in it.

    Rampage's good but the lack of personality and mic skills killed his chances for me, while Kay Lee Ray is fantastic but honestly if we're going to have a new Knockout, I'd rather have taken Nikki Storm. But hey, this could mean TNA's signed more people for the Heavyweight and Knockout divisions while they could have the British Bootcamp 2 winner be Mark Andrews.
  16. Mark Andrews! I'll really have to watch some episodes of Bootcamp 2 to get to know him and his abilities and talent. Hope he makes it in TNA just like S01 winner Rockstar Spud.
  17. He's quite impressive and he's a really good fit for the X Division. He'll make it through the division and maybe the tag division but I don't think he could make it to the TNA Championship as he does need to work on a few things but his current abilities show he's a going to be a grear X Div Star.
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  18. His first appearance really sold me on him being a babyface for TNA. He's just so likeable, really. I'd recommend you watch his match with Kris Travis, then his match with DJ Z. Although, of course, if you have the time, check out the entire series. I'm also honestly a bit surprised that Dave Mastiff and Nikki Storm didn't get further through the competition.

    IMO, he'll be a multi-time X-Division championship and maybe get Tag Team gold if put in a good tag team and he'll be a successful face. Can't see him being anything more than that, he needs to bulk up a bit as it is (but not as much as Spud would need to) and he'll be spectacular in the midcard.

    I'm thinking that next year's winner will definitely be a Heavyweight or Knockout after having two X-Division style winners now.
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