Music British Music and Why America Can't Compete

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Adam., Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. One of the biggest aspects of Britain that I am proud of is its rich and varied history with music and I think its pretty obvious that America just can't compete with the constant and endless flow of No.1 hits and Festival Headliners that the UK has produced over the years. I can't exactly put down why this is but the following list is basically proof enough of how rich the background of British music is, yes America is bigger and you could probably make a longer list of talented artists but then we turn to the Quality over Quantity. I'm going to follow this statement up with a list of legendary British acts and songs that showcase their talent.

    The Beatles

    Starting with the biggest band of all time.


    I Want To Hold Your Hand, Come Together, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Little Help From My Friends, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Help!, Eight Days A Week, A Hard Days Night, The Ballad Of John and Yoko, Here Comes The Sun, Hey Jude, Don't Let Me Down, Let It Be.


    The definition of Brit Pop


    Married With Children, Supersonic, Live Forever, Rock N Roll Star, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, Be Here Now, The Importance Of Being Idle, Hello, Hey Now, Roll With It, Champagne Supernova.

    Arctic Monkeys

    The Post Punk Revival


    I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, 505, Still Take You Home, Riot Van, A Certain Romance, When The Sun Goes Down, Brianstorm, If You Were There Beware, Teddy Picker, Fluorescent Adolescent, My Propeller, Crying Lightning, Pretty Visitors, Cornerstone, Suck It And See, Love Is A Laserquest, Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair, Do I Wanna Know, R U Mine?, One For The Road, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High, I Wanna Be Yours.

    These are the big three from the last 3 generations for me personally, you could throw in Radiohead between The Beatles and Oasis too or Queen or a million different bands but personally I don't listen to them enough to recommend songs. So now I'll just list a bunch of popular and quality bands and artists.

    Kaiser Chiefs, Radiohead, The Clash, The Who, Miles Kane, The Last Shadow Puppets, Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Kooks, Kasabian, Ed Sheeran, Beady Eye, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Queen, Adele, The Smiths, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Bloc Party, Fleetwood Mac, Iron Maiden, Mumford and Sons, The Police, Sex Pistols, Wolf Alice, Joy Division, New Order, Motorhead, Pulp and The Stone Roses.

    That is barely scratching the surface, I mean seriously go look at Manchester alone.​
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  2. I don't like anything listed here.
  3. The Clash? The Who? Oasis? The Beatles? Joy Division? David Bowie? None of that?
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  4. I like David Bowie and Some Music from the Beatles
  5. Nope. :/
  6. Are you sure you're British?
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  7. I have doubts.
  8. Next you'll try and tell me that the American IT Crowd was better.
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  9. Eh, Too... "Oldies".... If that makes since?
  10. I haven't seen either.
  11. I mean at the same time, we did create Honey G & One Direction so...
  12. Oldies!? That is from like 1995 LOL
  13. And how dare you Adam... Forgetting this best British group ever...

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  14. Well that was 23 years ago.
  15. You were 23 years ago :finger:
  16. I've heard of one direction. Not sure If I heard any of their songs or not..
  17. And I was only like 4 yrs old in "95"
  18. I totally 100% LOVE this Song AND Group
  19. Wannabe came out in 1996 :pity:

    To me, oldies is 30+ years old. Any song 30 years or older is old.
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