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  1. So recently there was a leaked version of Britney Spear's song alien without the autotune that has masked her voice, Now when you say autotune you may ask "Well, Don't all pop singers use autotune?" And of course the correct answer is yes but when it comes to how much is used within every single she's produced to this song that's raw it really makes you wonder why real talent out there is being pushed down and we are being subjected to the likes of this?

  2. Would still bang at her current age.
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  3. lol @ "why"

    illuminati bruh

    puppets are easier to manipulate
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  4. She sounds so flat on most notes and it's very difficult to listen to. I don't think all pop stars use this excessive autotune. For instance, I like Kelly Clarkson and she sounds exactly the same on her records as she does when she does her songs accapella or covers songs during her concerts. Also, I think we need to consider the audience that artists like Britney Spears are targeted towards. i would imagine that the people that listen to her are often teenagers and young adults who just want some upbeat music to listen to on full blast on their car radios or when they're out at a club with their friends. I don't think it's meant to be thought provoking or overly stimulating so I don't think that most of Britney Spears' audience would care if she was autotuned or not.
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  5. Totally agree CrayJ Lee. Kelly Clarkson is from an area here in Texas close to where I live. I don't know her, but have friends who do and she sings for them all the time informally. Awesome voice.

    I also agree about Britney. I think she is all for entertainment value.

    A friend of mine here in Dallas has a sound studio & does some mixing for bands & some singers. He knows sound guys all over the country and some of them him been telling him she can't really sing since the beginning. But she's cute, entertaining and puts on a good show. So if that works for her beans.
  6. She gave me my first boner in 1st grade when I saw pictures like these:

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  7. I'm sure you were one of millions Dolph. She had that innocent school girl thing going on. She still looks good even Jesus pointed out...he'd still do her.
  8. She's 32 years old lol. Why wouldn't she look good
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  9. OMG. Just think of what she has gone through in those 32 years? Look at Lindsay Lohan who is younger than Brit. Sometimes the Pop/Starlet cuties get trashed on their way through their 20s with drugs, alcohol, non-stop partying, rehab, jail know. Again, Ms. Lohan no longer looks like the fresh faced girl of Parenttrap. Brit has done a good job of looking good even after 2 kids, rehab, drugs, a few meltdowns. At least in my humble opinion Dolph.
  10. L Lo would still get it.

    Mean Girls L Lo is my all time dream girl

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  11. Important question you like Linds as a redhead, blonde or brunette? She cycles through.
  12. I prefer when girls stick with their natural hair color for the most part.
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  13. She's a natural redhead. I think she always looked best with that color. Brit is a natural brunette, but I think she looks really hot with platinum blonde.
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