Brittney Griner Comes Out

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. It was no surprise to see former Baylor star Brittney Griner go No. 1 in the 2013 WNBA Draft considering how much of an impact she had throughout her career in the college basketball world. Griner has been one of the most popular athletes over the last couple of years as her game always seemed to be on a completely different level from the rest of the college basketball world. Now she may be an even bigger role model for professional athletes who have been afraid about coming out as being a homosexual.
    Griner recently conducted an interview with Sports Illustrated in which she was asked about how more females seemed to come out more than male athletes. When looking at some of the other professional athletes who have come out over the years, it’s clear that this is never the easiest subject to discuss with others–but Griner made it clear how important it is for individuals to accept who they are.
    “I really couldn’t give an answer on why that’s so different. Being one that’s out, it’s just being who you are. Again, like I said, just be who you are. Don’t worry about what other people are going to say, because they’re always going to say something, but, if you’re just true to yourself, let that shine through. Don’t hide who you really are.”
    Give Griner all of the credit in the world as this topic is never easy to discuss, but she made it clear that it doesn’t bother her and people just have to be comfortable with who they are. Nobody should have to hide who they really are and the fact that Griner is so comfortable with discussing this issue is the perfect example as to why she should be considered one of the best role models in sports.



    Interesting read.
  2. I'm really proud of anyone but especially athletes who decide to come out. They're under so much media and public scrutiny that I can imagine how difficult it must be to come out to everyone in the whole world. I think Brittney can be a positive role model in real life and on the court especially since she's stressing how important it is to just be who you are. I think that's a great message to spread to our young people and I'm happy that she's being open about who she is.
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  3. Think of all the tang she's going to get now :ryan:
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  4. [video=youtube][/video]

    I know it has nothing to do with being gay but its suiting for this topic. lol
  5. lol'd at the first 3 words REALLY hard.
  6. Shocking


    I legit thought she would come out as a man
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