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    "Kane is scheduled for an imminent return to WWE, states Dave Meltzer on wrestling observer radio.

    He told co-host Bryan Alvarez that “The one thing I see in the Lesnar match, is Kane coming back. I don’t like the idea, but it could happen.”

    Alvarez then mentioned how it made sense, with Kane having been sidelined since Lesnar “broke” his leg. Meltzer pointed out that before the injury angle, WWE had deliberately tied Kane and Undertaker together as brothers in several scripted lines.

    “If Taker’s going to be a heel and win, that’s a way to be a heel and win, is to have outside interference.”".......

    Interesting read. Will Kane come back and help taker? Taker being the more heel roll against Brock? I don't see taker ever being a heel again even if they tried... But, it seems interesting that Dave thinks Kane will get involved.

    Thoughts? Is this what will happen?
  2. No thanks.
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  3. No.

    Just no.
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  4. I've proposed this idea before and if it happens, then LOL. But, I guess it's better than having a non-finish to a match that's "too big for WrestleMania".
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  5. I seriously break my fucking TV if this happens then cancel my subscription
  6. Seems verrrrrrry much like he's sitting on the fence and making a none story.
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  7. <- mask or :gtfo:
  8. Don't worry, Soli. He'll most likely return with a mask back on.
  9. Not a mask, THAT mask.... or :gtfo:
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  10. The creative team reads the forums people, first they gave Rollins IWT gimmicks and now they're taking my idea. Smh
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  11. Well, then... I'm afraid I've got some BAAAD NEEWWS! I doubt he'll go back to using THAT particular mask, IMO, he'll most likely return with a mask he was using while being a part of Team Hell No.
  12. Yeah I don't believe this too much and I see Kane being in Seth and cena
  13. Or maybe he's gonna be out for long, and return later this year as a face.
  14. I hope to God this is the case as it's much better than him making any sort of impact at SS
  15. I'd only want to see this so it can be a Handicap match at WrestleMania, with both their careers on the line
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  16. If he uses slow chemical I'd be impressed. Oddly enough I'm kind of disappointed Brock / Taker isn't a hell in a cell if this is the story they want to tell. It would have been a nice circular narrative.
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  17. True but they've already done that match
  18. I agree 110%. Perfect idea.
  19. Yeah like 10 years ago lol.
  20. I still root for Kane, man. I don't give a fuck about his age if he's in a high profile storyline it can turn out good. I remember a few years ago he was in a terrible feud with Edge, but they still had good matches. It's so predictable, to me that's why I don't want this to happen. If it does, I'd like either old Kane with the first mask, or this Kane:


    Please WWE, if you go down this route, which you really shouldn't, at least realize that and not drop the ball on some fresh off the grill Kane momentum.
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