Brock has NOT quit. Its all part of the storyline

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  1. For anyone out there who thinks Brock has quit I am here to tell you he hasent. Its all part of the storyline. Some people think he has quit again but he hasent. He will be back at Summerslam to fight HHH. For now there keeping him off tv to sell this storyline and also since Brock is only doing limited dates for this 1 year deal then he wont be on Raw every week. Sorry to state the obvious just thought I would post this
  2. I think most people know. At first a few people including myself were worried, but it was our inner-marks. It was quite obvious as soon as Heyman appeared they'll be working the Summerslam angle. Fuck HHH.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Good to know. :burns:
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    I was so worried he'd left.
  7. -.-

    Ignore these sarcastic buffoons.
  8. I was really happy though! :yay:
  9. No shit Sherlock


    Wee bey!

    2nd best Wire gif ever, after:

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