Brock left the building and took the audience with him - RAW rating

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Source: pwinsider

    Oh dear, lmfao. Thank god, hopefully they realise how big a draw Brock is and actually use him properly.
  2. Brock Lesnar is actually a draw. People that say that Brock isn't a draw are actually moron's. Brock Lesnar is very known in the combat sports scene, he's a legitimate monster and can make things so interesting within an instant. Look how interesting the match was against Cena in his first return match after 8 years. The segment with Triple H getting attacked was also interesting this is going to lead upto a match at SummerSlam between Brock vs HHH. Although Brock Lesnar will lose, it still makes wrestling interesting and that's what we want. Wrestling to be interesting and entertaining, that's what it's been built off. Great to see the rating's up when Brock Lesnar's on television, great news.
  3. I'll admit I was uncertain whether Brock would draw as his main factor in the UFC was a WWE guy destroying their top guys and he never drew in his previous run. Good to see he is however, to show Vince they can survive without Cena for a while.
  4. What's the big deal, it's only like 200,000 people. Compared to almost 5 million watching WWE as a whole. Brock only took a small amount of audience with him that only wanted to watch him. And hour 2 rarely does better than hour 1. So this comes as no shock.
  5. Yeah looks like Brock left the building and took all the viewers with him WWE are gonna have to keep him around if they want the ratings
  6. Only 200,000 people? Are you serious? The 2nd hour of RAW is meant to draw in 400k+, but it lost 200k.

    We won't see him for another month I don't think.
  7. If that's true I may go on a WWE hiatus until he returns.
  8. Well he's only required 2 appearances on his contract per month. He's appeared what, 4 times in April? He's playing the "out of control may be suspended or fired" role, so I'm predicting he'll be "fired" or something, then return in a month, feud with HHH for Summerslam buys. Yeah, great time to use the #wwelogic tag.
  9. The only reason I watch Raw live is for the discussion threads which I enjoy. If it weren't for those I would just DVR and FF through all the bullshit. At this point I have to weigh the pros and cons of each, because I'm not sure the discussion thread is good enough to outweigh the bullshit that WWE is throwing out on a weekly basis.

    Outside of Ace's storyline and maybe some of the Punk/Bryan feud I could not be less interested in the BS happening on Raw atm
  10. I'm sort of in the same boat. Though I enjoy slagging off WWE and RAW in the discussion thread. I have nothing else to do at 2am so yeah.

    What I do though now is stream it (so it's louder), and mute any segments I don't care about, whilst they're muted I YouTube it up.
  11. The overall rating is average, but Lesnar is indeed a draw. I'm not sure they only left because of Lesnar though, you know, they may have left because the show sucked.
  12. Will be interesting if this is Punk syndrome, where the story draws not the man, or Brock draws well consistently.

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  13. Brock so far has drawn exceptionally well weekly I think. But yeah, it could be the story.
  14. That's what I do. Record it with directtv and then watch it when I'm bored and what not.
  15. as simple as this Brock Lesnar is an asset to the WWE and his absence really bothers a lot of people including me.. come back quickly Brock!!!!
  16. No you won't. You'll be watching Raw and talking on this board.
  17. :youdontsay: :yay:
  18. Feels like I ain't seen you in ages. :sad:
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