News Brock Lesnar’s Opponent at Upcoming SmackDown Events Revealed

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Jul 24, 2013
As previously reported, Brock Lesnar is scheduled for this Saturday’s SmackDown Live Event at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI and the August 12th SmackDown Live Event in Tampa, FL. Lesnar will face Samoa Joe on both these shows.

Here is Lesnar’s updated WWE schedule:

  • SmackDown Live Event: July 29th (Detroit, MI)
  • RAW: July 31st (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • SmackDown Live Event: August 12th (Tampa, FL)
  • RAW: August 14th (Boston, MA)
  • SummerSlam: August 20th (Brooklyn, NY)
  • RAW: August 28th (Memphis, TN)
  • RAW: September 11th (Anaheim, CA)
  • No Mercy: September 24th (Los Angeles, CA)
  • RAW Live Event: September 30th (Winnipeg, MB)
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The Artiste
Jul 16, 2017
*SmackDown Live Event: August 12th (Tampa, FL)
Ill be at this event with my son [emoji16] Ill be sure to post pics for everyone to check out. Not sure why they are advertising Lesnar Vs. Rusev for the Universal Title here in Tampa tho? I hear the ad almost everyday on the radio. Not that Im complaining because Id be happy with Rusev or Samoa Joe idc.
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