Brock Lesnar advertised for Extreme Rules!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. This made my day.
  2. You are a lucky bitch.
  3. Cena to be ec brock hits f5 to cena
  5. You're so lucky Windy. Pics!

    If it is real, I'm not sure he'll be wrestling :S.
  6. Oh no if he's advertised he'll wrestle. @[Censorious] Rock was advertised for Survivor Series and he did more than just give a promo.
  7. Rock was advertised world wide that he was wrestling at Survivor Series, it was on posters everywhere, "Never before, never again".

    This could be a simple appearance, promo or anything. Unless WWE advertise it themselves on television (for PPV buys) then I'm sceptical.
  8. It's on their live show website though so of course he would wrestle. It's not like FCW events RT jk @[Censorious]
  9. lol @ taking anything involving WWE for granted. Personally IMO from a business perspective it doesn't make much sense to have Brock wrestling at what basically amounts to a throwaway/filler PPV after Mania.

    If I had to guess I would say he will be attacking someone after a match or something to that nature.
  10. Perfect scenario: Brock gets a title shot at ER and wins. At OTL, Rock vs. Brock in a SS 2002 rematch. Who's with me?
  11. @[Dolph'sZiggler] I don't care as long as I see him live in chicago I am fucking happy. Allstate Arena is 40 minutes away from my house and people always go to PPVS real early like 3:00, 4:00. Dunno why but need somebody who has been to a live PPV to tell me when I should go.
  12. This is gonna be awesome Brock returns and now hes gonna be at the next PPV
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