Elimination Chamber Brock Lesnar confirmed for Elimination Chamber PPV

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WarMachine, Feb 21, 2014.

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  1. Well there you have it. He's gonna be there. We don't know what for or if he's gonna be in the Chamber.
  2. Would have preferred if the spoiler wasn't in the thread title, but cool.

    edit: lol

    Source: My mom (she works at the NBC offices in Burbank and that's where I got the news)
  3. It's true though. Just saying
  4. So because you confirm that the story of some kid hearing from his mom at some burbank studio heard that kane told a host that brock will be at the ppv it is true.

    got ya.

    obviously most of us expected him all along, but this proves nothing bromigo
  5. It's also on a few of the dirt sheets. Also, Brock is in MN with his son for his hockey team's first playoff game. More proof (to me at least) he'll show up at the event

  6. I'm pretty positive his son is the blonde one wihout any beanie or hat or anything
  7. You mean the one with blood dripping from his fangs?

    Yeah, that's him.

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  8. He won't randomly show up at the show, they won't waste a Lesnar date for no additional buys
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  9. They might if there's a bigger purpose behind it.

    But, yeah, I can't see them bringing him in without some mention of it on Raw/Smackdown this past week.

  10. Hoping he's in the chamber. The EC matches Lesnar's character tbh
  11. A second report came out later saying that Kane said the wrong thing and that Lesnar won't actually be at EC.
  12. They're wanting to do something shocking for the Network launch to reestablish the "anything can happen in the WWE" motto they created long ago back when it was true. :haha: So it actually wouldn't be that bad of an idea to have Brock shockingly win the title in the Chamber. Brock can walk out on Raw with the belt and Cole can say "Want to see how Brock won the belt? Find out on the WWE Network!"

    Throw that in the pile of "things too creative for Vince to think of", though, right next to the Punk thing being a work. :troll:
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  13. It would be a shocker. It's the kind of thing that Russo would have come up with back when he was working for WWE and the combo of him and Vince created some great moments for WWE (that was before :russo: went to WCW and TNA, of course).

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