Brock Lesnar destroys everybody

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Holy smokes, this guy makes it look so good. :obama:

    He big
    He strong
    He bad
  2. Nothing like debuting destroying everyone. He is/was a great powerhouse, executes the moves very well, seems legit.
  3. That was actually entertaining. Brock Lesnar is a legitimate monster.
  4. Do you guys think he's still able to do that?
  5. I personally think he still can as he's a legitimate monster.
  6. Yeah I was thinking the same. But, he just doesn't look the same. I hope his muscle strength is still the same to do all of that.
  7. He may not look like what he used to however I think he's still got it in him.
  8. YOU BETTER BE RIGHT! :upset:

  9. Obviously, he won't be exactly the same however I know that he's still got that dominance in him. He's just a legitimate monster, an ass-kicker and a beast.
  10. this shoulda been ryback's debut. wouldve made a much bigger impact than just showing up for a match.
  11. What a great idea. This would have been awesome.
  12. It would've been great. Some 6 man tag team match just ends and Ryback comes out of nowhere and beats everyone up, awesome.
  13. Yeah would be nice to see all of his moves.
  14. Win :haha:
  15. Because HE CAN! Mark Henry better watch out! B/c Brock will put him in his HALL OF PLAIN!

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