Brock Lesnar Discussion Thread.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. We all marked and came our tits off in the discussion thread. That was a huge moment, it's so good to see him back.

    All discussion goes here. Where's this going? He was appealing to the crowd so he's the face, is it going to be Brock, an incredibly over face, legend and draw to turn Cena heel?

  2. Was just about to make this, was too busy marking :emoji_slight_frown:

    You guys think he's back fulltime, part time, or for one WM with Cena?

    Regardless this is probably the best thing that could happen to RAW.
  3. He'll appear more often than Rock but not full time.
  4. I wonder if he'll just work Raw and PPV's 5 dates a month for a year seems plausible to me.
  5. I hope he's booked into matches. Don't wanna wait an year to see him wrestle again.
  6. Do you see him working every RAW with no house shows, or a lot less than that?
  7. I think heel but an over heel! oh and wm obvs
  8. Not sure. Doubt it's every RAW. More like Rock, every other RAW or something. Very limited schedule.
  9. Yeah man, that's what I'm hoping. I honestly don't see it likely though :emoji_slight_frown: But we'll see.


    How pissed off will everyone be if he's just back for a WM with Cena?
  10. Part-time. He'll be appearing from time to time and hopefully we'll get to see him in a PPV very soon. Maybe Brock vs. Cena at Extreme Rules? @[Thewindyfan] are you marking?
  11. I could see him showing up to most Raw's but rarely wrestling outside of PPVs.
  12. Hes here for cena not WM but possible
  13. Seems the smart way to use him, hell not even every PPV just every 2 would do me.
  14. More importantly, how is he going to be used? He's not the heel.
  15. LOL he has no ties though. He has no other career so VKM could've played it so min that I would have have 2 PPV's in 4 and 1 RAW in 4. He's a draw but nothing without WWE! Sorry Brock!
  16. He was a monster draw in the UFC.
  17. Seems apparent he will be going after Cena as a face/face confrontation same as Cena/Rock. It will either wind up turning Cena heel eventually, or he will just rise above the hate yet again.


    Yea Brock sold more PPVs than anyone in UFC History.
  18. The reason he left WWE was mainly the schedule. Like I said, every other RAW, or something. When he's not there it'll be a Cena speech. He'll become really active for Summerslam. Who cares, he's back!! :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Who cares he's back is my stance as well.

    ADR is back as well.. dare I say WWE is on an upswing? Wouldn't want to jinx it and/or freak anyone out with my optimism
  20. If I remember from his book he hated the constant travelling especially with house shows so take them out and he could work every Raw imo. Just fly out on the Saturday stay until Tuesday then he has 3 days off before traveling again dependant on where they are.
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