Brock Lesnar Ending The Streak At Wrestlemania 29

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    Just for the moment, put aside what you personally feel about the decision to have Brock Lesnar end the Streak at Wrestlemania XXX. Just accept that it happened but consider the following hypothetical situation - Lesnar ending the Streak at Wrestlemania 29 instead of this year. Imagine how much better Lesnar's booking would have been if this had happened: He comes in and destroys Cena (even if he lost), goes over Triple H cleanly, and then kills the Streak in his very first Wrestlemania since being back. Hell, just pretend that he went over Cena too, since that would have been the right booking decision to make anyway. I can't imagine what could have made him look more invincible than going over Cena, Triple H and the Undertaker in back-to-back clean victories. He could have either eaten his first loss at Wrestlemania XXX this year, or they could have found a way to keep him undefeated all the way till Wrestlemania 31. Plus, Undertaker would have had twenty straight victories before taking his first loss (not that it's a big deal, but I like 20-1 better than 21-1.)

    I know there's a couple of things to consider; They wanted Taker to defend his Streak at the big 30th anniversary of the show, plus maybe they couldn't be sure that Lesnar would stay committed past WM29. But still.
  2. It all comes down to whether (or how big) they consider Brock Lesnar a priority.
    It seems they book Lesnar on a match by match basis. Undertaker made the decision to lose, so how big a priority is Lesnar?
    Suffice it to say, feeding him to Reigns should be priority one today.
    Had WWE had the foresight, they may have had Reigns ascension in the back of their minds as early as WM 28.
    In this sense, the booking strategy for Brock Lesnar from day one would be to feed him to Reigns by WM31.
    If this were the case, HHH and Cena would have been on board if it meant Reigns would be put over strongest.

    Undertaker wouldn't take much convincing, especially since CM Punk would have been booked into the Rock/Cena match at WM 29.
  3. That would've been pretty good, they could put a young star over pretty big. Plus, it's not like Cena and HHH should've been going over Lesnar, they should have just put him over once each as you said. The Streak, since Taker wanted to lose anyway, could've been the big rub for the dude as they've done and then he could put a Reigns or someone like that over.
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