Brock Lesnar Goes Ballistic Backstage At Extreme Rule PPV!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 1, 2012.

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    Brock Lesnar’s match with John Cena at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view got rave reviews from most fans who saw the show, but Lesnar went ballistic backstage after the match and was screaming at WWE officials and ripping apart the locker room.

    According to, the huge blow-up took place because of the promo John Cena cut after the match.

    The original plan was for Cena to be so badly hurt by Lesnar that even though he won, he would be stretchered out, which would keep Lesnar looking strong.

    Lesnar perceived Cena’s speech as a double cross by WWE officials and totally lost it backstage.

    The angle on RAW with Lesnar and Triple H and Lesnar’s temporary departure from WWE television was the plan all along, but relations between Lesnar and WWE are not good at the moment.

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    Sound like Brock is already at WWE for Fuckin him over!​

  2. Brock Lesnar Goes Ballistic Backstage At Extreme!

    This is going to cause some problems, for sure. And as I said, losing that match to Cena and not doing anything afterwards looked weird. At least we have an explanation now. However... if Cena didn't go out on "vacation", what was that speech for?
  3. RE: Brock Lesnar Goes Ballistic Backstage At Extreme!

    I goes that was not sopost to be a speech. Cena was sopost to win but be knock out like Undertaker was at WM27 when he won but could not stand up and Brock was sopost to walk out on his on power like HHH did at WM27 I goes. To make Brock look strong then Cena.

  4. RE: Brock Lesnar Goes Ballistic Backstage At Extreme!

    I agree. If Cena had been stretchered out and Lesnar walked out it would be OK... I understand Brock being mad.
  5. RE: Brock Lesnar Goes Ballistic Backstage At Extreme!

    Most sensible and correct post I've ever seen you make.

    Stupid WWE.
  6. Cena is a dead man if he crosses paths with Brock. Man Brock seems to have issues if that news of him losing it backstage is true. This 1 year deal is gonna cause alot of problems for WWE if Brock is gonna lose his temper everytime something doesnt go his way
  7. This just proves my theory that Brock as a person is nothing but a bully and a big baby who throws tantrums if things don't go his way.
  8. Brock Lesnar is an aggressor in real life too. I think he purposely hits the Kimura and cranks the arms of his victims in a serious way.
  9. Lesnar is such a nerrrrdddddd. I don't know why he is freaking out, because that match was...

  10. If true, it shows that Cena is indeed an asshole.
  11. I bet WWE fed them that rumour, to make Brock seem like more of a monster.
  12. If true (of course I take this story with a large grain of dirtsheet salt) then Cena is a ****.

    WWE has fucked up Brock's return so bad it makes me want to stop watching their shithead product.
  13. Fuck Bork Laser, big baby. He's nothing in WWE compared to Cena..
  14. Shut up Cena mark
  15. Not sure how any of this is Cena's fault since it's likely WWE told him to cut that promo.
  16. No way of knowing but it seemed improvised and unplanned to me. He was basically babbling nonsense about Chicago and nothing.
  17. Babbling about the crowd and not much else is a regular Cena promo.
  18. :true: Touche
  19. I'm with Lesnar here. Cena has already proved in the feud with The Rock that he's extremely unprofessional. Vanity sucks. Fuck off, Cena.
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