Brock Lesnar leaves WWE

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  1. Brock Lesnar leaves WWE

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  2. :haha: Why doesn't he challenge CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, hell even challenge for the World Heavyweight championship, it'll be priceless to have Ziggler cash it in on Lesnar and get the championship.
  3. what the hell is going on
  4. I don't believe he is leaving for good like he says. My prediction is this:

    Triple H begs and pleads for a rematch and which will probably happen at Survivor series, for the main event.The Undertaker returns during the match,attacking Brock Lesner. Then Brock Lesner will challenge him for a match at WM, The Undertaker Obvisously, will win that match Brock Lesner will leave and it will be for good.
  5. This is just stupid. His contract isn't close to being finished. I am very disappointed he never wrestled on Raw during this comeback. His feud with Cena wasn't meaningful. He left and then came back to wrestle HHH. Now he is gone again. This is just wasted potential. So much could had been done. A WWE title match, feuding with a young wrestler, and giving us matches on Raw.
  6. botty fucked up again
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