News Brock Lesnar Not At This Monday's RAW, Kane Talks Roman Reigns, Light WWE Weekend Schedule

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 2, 2015.

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    - Bork won't be on RAW? Shocker.

    I also liked this part about the 2015 RR winner, "might even be a guy that we're not even talking about."
    D-Bry's winning it, confirmed! :woohoo:
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  2. Oh, Kane trying to throw people off. Yeah. :dawg:
    I'm just wondering if he's gonna finally break that damn career elimination record. I mean, seriously, for the past two years he hasn't eliminated anyone (except for Punk, and I'm not sure that counted). Something's up.
    While we're on the topic of the Royal Rumble, damn, Backlund lasted an hour in 93 and he was 44. Legend.
  3. Fucking Lesnar not showing up, we had no WWE title match for 3 months. He's gotta show up to say at least the WWE Championship is still around, I feel like it lost it's existence. Honestly this is why Cena should win, he will actually show up with the belt.
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  4. It was a mistake putting the titles on Lesnar in the first place. If the 'E couldn't afford him to work every PPV, from SS till WM, then they shouldn't have put the WWE-WHC on him.

    They must've thought putting the titles on Lesnar would bring some credibility to the WWE-WHC, but the major championship seems to be losing its credibility due to Lesnar's absence.

    My guess is that he'll hold it all the way till Mania, which means he'll defeat Cena at the Rumble, not work the next Fast Lane PPV or whatever that crap's called, then he'll disappear, show up a week or two before WM to hype the match against whoever wins the Rumble, either Bryan or Reigns and drop it to 'em at Mania.

  5. Drop it to Bryan then leave WWE really, have him work Fast Lane at least to keep credibility up a bit then exit after WM31 by disappearing like back at WMXX. Heard his contract is expiring.
  6. I'd prefer if he dropped it to Bryan, as well.

    I seriously doubt they'll have him work Fast Lane, even though he should.

    Yeah, his contract is up after post-WM Raw episode, if I'm not mistaken.
  7. I bet HBK shows up.
  8. In the RR match? Doubt it, but would love to see some Super Kick party, tho.
  9. at RAW tonight.
  10. Damn, sorry bro. I was in the Rumble section and somehow I thought you meant HBK showing up at the Rumble.

    Anyways, it'd be awesome if he showed up tonight. Super Kicking somebody would be even more awesome.
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