Brock Lesnar opening his own business

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  1. :hmm: Wonder how long until he becomes a Canadian citizen? :happy:
  2. He's on a half time schedule. If the legends can take outside bookings and run separate businesses I don't see why Brock wouldn't be able to run a shop. He'll probably chain Sable to the register or something. While he is off fighting moose and Canadians. But why place something out in a wasteland like Alberta Canada.
  3. Low taxes, affordable land, and tons of great hunting.
  4. Wonder how it must be to have Lesnar as a boss :hmm:

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    Worker: Hello sir, I cannot just give that to you for free...
    Customer: Shut up, you're stupid.
    Worker: Sir boss is in the back, you don't wanna piss him off...
    Customer: I bet he's a fat summabitch, come out! I'm gonna take your stuff, and your gonna deal with it!
    Brock Lesnar: *breaks through the wall and starts beating the shit out of the customer as Paul Heyman says sorry to the customer*
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  5. What happens?

  6. I'd shit my pants if I had to fight Lesnar. I had a dream where someone wanted me to fight him, and I ran faster then Sonic.
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  7. Should be interesting to see.

    Believe that he will still be ok to show up every now and then.
  8. Good for him. Seems like he has to find a way to spend/invest his money since he's probably got a swimming pool full of it these days.
  9. If Lesnar came out as manager, I'd probably crap my pants but still complain. Will be interesting to see what he does :emoji_grin:
  10. I'd easily beat 10 Brock Lesnars with one hand. :smug-47:

    *Running away after seeing a bug on my keyboard*
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  11. Is it going to be called "Warriorsuhh Inc.?"
  12. Oh what a puss-
    *Sees bug move*
    *Runs away*
  13. You know what, I will fight Lesnar! Whats he gonna do? Come to my house andj egbeksbdjr h grbdjdjdvshavshxjfjfjf F5
  14. America has those too.
  15. Outfitting business? Like a clothing line? inb4 F-5 on Chinese sweatshop worker
  16. Maybe he leaves WWE but his business may fail and he'll lose his money so I think he'll continue with WWE
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