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Discussion in 'Sports' started by CM Punk, Sep 9, 2012.

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    How much of an Impact did Brock Joining the UFC have? (Discuss on the fanbase and how many fans transited from the WWE to UFC)

    Do you think when Brock Retired from the UFC it has affected the company at all?

  2. 1) A big impact imo. Lots of fresh new fans, plus the good old debate "Are WWE wrestlers tough or just fake actors?" was actually playing in front of our eyes. The fact he was successful made it even better.

    2) Nope. UFC is going to keep rising.
  3. I don't think it will effect them as much. Their fan-base increased extraordinarily during there past few years.
  4. Bork was the best selling ppv ever, and Bones is a pussy, so he might as well have taken his spot away.

    UFC will get better, and if bork goes back for a big payday, he will get crushed. Im more into the lowerweights, a lot more hits and huge wins.
  5. I think Brock made a big impact. My dad and uncle watched some UFC stuff just to see him, so I can imagine that lots more people watched him too. And nope, when he retired he wasn't that big anymore, more people were interested in everyone else now, most of the fans he brought in either stuck with him, started expanding their views and watched other wrestlers and became UFC fans, or just watched him a few times to get his ass kicked or kick ass. I'm sure they lost a small amount of viewers, but now that he has aged it wouldn't be a big deal to see him anymore as it was when he first showed up.
  6. Brock IMO was the catalyst to UFC breaking that glass ceiling, Chuck and Randy were pretty big draws if my limited knowledge is correct. They were going to get the spotlight eventually but Brock dragged that spotlight onto them, everyone wanted to see the arrogant wrecking ball meet his maker.

    As for an effect, in the short term IMO yes. Brock was their biggest asset, however he brought a lot of new eyes to the product and with the talent the UFC has, a lot have stayed.

    An interesting question I'd like to raise is, will the UFC decline in the next 10 - 15 years or even before? Wrestling hit that decline as has boxing bar a few super fights, MMA is a baby sport but has it peaked too soon, leading it to fall to obscurity in a short time?
  7. Dana white grabbed UFC before it blew up, and he will be it's downfall. He is an asshat at his finest.
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