Brock Lesnar Reportedly Signs Extension To Contract

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 28, 2013.

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  2. Wow 2 years? Hopefully this contract includes more appearances. Maybe Taker/Brock at WM?
  3. Wow .. Another 2 years.. I can see lesnar feuding with taker , orton , punk , sheamus or HHH
  4. Hope there wont be any part time champion.
  5. He will probably show up now and again during the two years.
  6. Absolutely fantastic news.
  7. Awesome news!

    Can't wait to see him on Raw.
  8. Two years? Good. Let's just hope they use him correctly this time around, please.
  9. OMG 2 years? this is fucking amazing yessssss my man in WWE for 2 years. This day gets better and betters seeing Rock become WWE champion again and now Brock signing the new contract for 2 years
  10. Awesome news, hopefully they pair him with Taker and Bryan down the road.
  11. Hopefully he has fucking more dates.

    He better be on at least 30 appearances a year.
  13. How is Brock signing bad news?
  14. :pity: i dont like Lesnar. I like him if he was on constantly with a mouthpiece like Heyman, but i dont care about him having 5 matches a year.
  15. :pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1::pity1:
  16. I don't like Lesnar either, don't care if he shows up for a couple of matches. I'm sure it's good for buisness though.
  17. 10 million dollars for 6 matches this time?
  18. I read somewhere that this was the same site that 'confirmed' that Shelton and Carlito would be in the Royal Rumble match, which obviously didn't happen. Take it with a grain of salt.
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  19. @Crayo is down.
  20. Not sure if that's meant to be sarcastic or an attempt of mockery... Why, as a fan, would I care how much a company I have no investment in other than time is spending on Brock Lesnar? Six appearances of Lesnar sure as hell beats no appearances of Lesnar, so naturally I'm wanting him to appear and sign a contract.

    I don't care if Vince is wasting his money (when he's not), I love seeing Brock Lesnar on RAW, I don't know how anyone couldn't.
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