Spoiler Brock Lesnar Returns To SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by WarMachine, Aug 28, 2014.

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    - WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is being locally advertised and will most likely appear for the 10/21 Smackdown taping. Lesnar would be making a very rare appearance on SmackDown, but the reason for this is because it will be the final TV taping prior to the Hell in A Cell PPV, which there are plans for Brock to defend the title inside Hell in a Cell.

    Source: F4WOnline

    The InTrust Arena in Wichita released the following advertisement today

  2. Good news, I guess.
  3. May add some excitement to smackdown!
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  4. Agreed, particularly if he lets loose on Jimmy and Jey.
    I would like that.
    I would mark.
    I would nominate for an Emmy.
  5. Oh shit piss yeah, Lesnar retains.
  6. Oh? Maybe more people on here will actually watch Smackdown on that date? Where's @Crayo ? There's your Smackdown update bud.
  7. Brock Lesnar finally returning home to Smackdown. :woohoo:I'm guessing this is largely being done to promote Smackdown returning to Thursday nights? At least it's good to know Lesnar is almost certainly working the Hell In A Cell PPV.
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  8. Meltzer reported yesterday that WWE officials are currently denying that Brock will be appearing on any episode of Smackdown in the foreseeable future.

    Of course, this could just be them not wanting anyone to know yet. Same with how they denied the veracity of earlier reports that said Smackdown was returning to Thursdays despite that now being confirmed.
  9. The rumor I've heard is that Lesnar is taping segments in advance leading up to his NoC showdown with John Cena.
    This the same route TNA took with Jeff Hardy fresh off his heel turn during his court battle for receiving 'substances'.
    Like Hardy, Lesnar can't breathe on a stick. The differences stop there as hardy can be quite profound when he has time to sit and think about exactly what he's going to say.
    I severely doubt Lesnar can go 'there' or so anything profound other than the same business he's given since he's been born
  10. Exactly what I'm thinking since the arena released a video advertising it

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  11. brock going back to his roots...I love it.
  12. Finally the Brock has come back to Smackdown? :hmmm:
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  13. This time, it's actually happening.


    I have not watched a single SmackDown since 2011 and I will definitely tune in to this particular episode. I mean come on. Brock was the ruler of SmackDown for his entire first WWE run and Mauro being in the presence of Lesnar will be quite fun to see. Just let Lesnar have a match like he does at house shows that night for the hell of it and for the sake of Mauro being able to call a Lesnar match.
  14. Sweet!
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