Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ILoveAmbrose, Dec 20, 2015.

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  1. Brock Lesnar returned in a WWE Live Event yesterday beating Alberto Del Rio by DQ just in time for the Royal Rumble
  2. By DQ... tell me more.
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  3. Brock was going for the F5 when Rusev came down and superkicked him.
  4. Rusev vs. Brock would be goat

    sucks that Rusev is booked like Vladimir Kozlov lol
  5. Will he be at Raw tomorrow then? :hmm:
  6. In his hometown? Yes
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  7. I hope whatever they do with him, they do it well cause it looks like he will be the ticket match at WM as of how things are at the moment.
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  8. Badass song
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  9. I don't think anyone doubted he would be the ticket for mania since mania 31
  10. You can see the match here, thanks to @WarMachine who attended the event!
  11. Hoped to see this on the Network
  12. I have a feeling Brock is winning the rumble. There's no better angle right now.
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  13. I still am hoping for HHH but I think you are right :okay:
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