News Brock Lesnar Scheduled For Another RAW, Ric Flair update & more

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    - "The official website of the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, isadvertisingWWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar for the Jan. 12, 2015 Raw.
    Lesnar is also advertised for the following Raw tapings: Dec. 8, 2014 - Greenville, South Carolina; Dec. 29, 2014 - Washington, D.C; Jan. 19, 2015 - Dallas, Texas.

    - Nikki Bella, who is set to challenge AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at Survivor Series, posted this message on social media addressing her critics.

    "I don't have to tell you how hard I have worked. I don't have to tell you the hours, sweat, blood and tears I have put into this. I don't have to tell you stories so you'll feel bad for me. My dream may have started later than yours but you can't take my dream away from me. You say bad things about me but in the end you don't really know me. I may not be your internet darling but what I am is Fearless. And being Fearless is what has gotten me to where I am today. 8 years of constantly being put down, I am still here. And that's because I am a Survivor."

    - The official WWE website has posted photos from Saturday's live event at the Festhalle Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany. At the show, former Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese appeared as a special timekeeper during the match between The Usos and Gold & Stardust."

    "Ric Flair is advertised for the WWE show in Sioux Falls, SD on Dec. 20th. He will be special guest referee for the Main Event between Kane and Roman Reigns. Other matches advertised for that show are Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro for the IC Championship, and Rusev vs. Jack Swagger for the US Championship."


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  2. Nikki Bella sounds butt hurt. She may be fearless, but she's sure taking the criticism seriously enough.
    The mere fact she's answering that garbage, in the fashion that she is, tells me she isn't so sure of what she's saying.

    Lesnar appearing should be great, though it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to predict how each night will go.
    That guy's act is more predictable than a toddler losing its' tooth.
  3. Can Lesnar drop the title now please. I actually want to give a crap about that belt.
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  4. I don't give a damn about Nikki Bella, but yeah, she does sound butt-hurt.

    Yeah, Lesnar appearing should be great, indeed... For someone who's the company's champion and has been away for like 5 months (once we get to January)

    But, oh well... Them doing Cena/Lesnar at TLC is outta the picture now.
  5. This is what annoys the hell out of me. The total inconsistency when it comes to the title. I get why the title was taken from Bryan, but jfc- this 30 day defense rule should apply either all the time or not at all.
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  6. I totally agree.

    I always thought giving the titles to Hunter once Bryan got hurt was a better idea. But, oh well.

    It's gonna be kinda weird seeing that WWE-WHC once Lesnar's back, it's been gone way too long.

    - Umm, about your previous post, you and me both will give a crap about the WWE-WHC at WM31, not a minute before... Unless they change their mind and put the title back on Cena at the RR.
  7. Should Brock hold onto the title until Wrestlemania 31, he will have held it for 225 days.
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  8. Yeah and with like 5-6 appearances of his overall. lol
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  9. I didn't lose my first tooth til I was 8 and most people I know was like 5 or later.. Definitely not a Toddler :emoji_slight_smile:

    Hopefully they make good use of the Brock appearances, could really use it with how long the main belt has been "off" screen.
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  10. When 2014 comes to a close and we each make our collective lists on what we loved and hated about WWE throughout the year, Brock Lesnar's championship reign will top my list of the things that disappointed me the most.

    If they knew they couldn't make their investment back on him because of the lower price of the Network compared with what purchasing PPV's used to cost, then why even put the championship on him as early as August to begin with? Why not wait until November at Survivor Series, that way he could have at most skipped TLC and then worked the Rumble, "Fast Lane", and Wrestlemania all three in a row as opposed to disappearing with the title for nearly four months, returning to defend it, then disappearing it for almost another two months before then dropping it to someone at Mania? It's not like they couldn't have configured all that back in August. And to pile onto it, we're getting Brock/Cena again instead of the fresher and more anticipated rivalry between Orton and Lesnar.
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  11. Agreed with everything here.

    Thought you knew by now that WWE are clueless imbeciless, most of the time. :happy:
  12. Lesnar should just retire that jabroni belt.
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  13. Not likely, man. That jabroni belt brings him a shitload of dough. He ain't stupid.
  14. Given Orton's 'mistake' by attacking Paul Heyman, would it not make sense to make Lesnar/Cena a Triple Threat featuring Orton as well?
    Orton obviously wouldn't be taking a pin fall in the match.

    There has to be some sort of tag line with Cena/Orton/Lesnar that they can use to promote the match, something profiling their rise from 2002 as pillars of the company.
  15. No, it's better to do Lesnar/Cena for the 4th time, 'cause everyone is dying to see it. They don't have to do anything new. RINSE, WASH, REPEAT. That's WWE's mantra.

    In all seriousness, that's something I've been thinking of and been wanting to see. But too bad that WWE can't pull their heads out of their rear ends.
  16. I was actually thinking a month or so ago that if Orton and Brock ended up wrestling at Survivor Series, that maybe a triple-threat between all three men could happen at the Rumble to cap off both feuds. However, I'd prefer if the first time we see Orton and Lesnar inside the same ring (or at least the first time in over twelve years) wasn't in the middle of a three-way. But I'd certainly take it over another one-on-one Brock/Cena match. Irregardless of the terrible booking of the NOC rematch, Brock has nothing left to prove against Cena whereas Orton is a fresh hot new babyface and given how WWE promotes Cena and Orton as the two greatest superstars since the end of the Attitude Era, I would think they'd love for Lesnar to be able to say that he's ran through both of them as opposed to only running through Cena, face of the company or not.
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  17. We're in agreement for the most part.
    My only contigent is that the Orton/Lesnar saga (not sure if that would be appropriate) would never end with Orton being pinned.
    It would be nonsense for Orton to be pinned so soon after his turn. This leads me to assume Lesnar would defeat Orton, inconclusively somehow.
    At the Rumble, where the aforementioned Triple Threat would take place, might be a setting for Orton to eat the pin but I'm not so sure that's wise either.

    I'm not suggesting Lesnar not go over Orton, just that it doesn't seem logical to go over him cleanly when Orton just recently turned.
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  18. Guess we'll never know about Orton vs Lesnar match. Such a shame, man.

    I don't even think they'll do Orton vs Cena vs Lesnar. WWE's more into RINSE, WASH, REPEAT. There's no need for anything new, really.
  19. Just to play Devil's Advocate a bit, I wouldn't put it past possibility that Orton could be the one to defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

    Realistically speaking, their plans of having Roman Reigns defeat Brock Lesnar are anything but foolproof, and if Reigns doesn't get the push, then there aren't a whole lot of other viable possibilities. There was a big discussion over it on WF and I'm willing to believe there might be some merit in the idea that in case they don't trust pulling the trigger on Reigns yet, then Plan B is Randy Orton. I know Orton is already a made guy and all, but so was Brock Lesnar and he ended the Streak. This could be a similar situation to the Streak in that you want a younger, less established guy to get the big win to help boost their career, but if no one is available, you're sort of forced to go with an already made star. From WWE's point of view, as long as the feud is hot (and Orton could easily be booked to have a ton of babyface momentum going into this and the rivalry would be a fresh one that we've never seen before), it's an acceptable back-up plan. And besides which, Rollins could still end up cashing in on Orton after the match is over.

    I'm not really in support of the idea per se, but I can somewhat understand their logic if they go this route.
  20. Yes, I guess you're right.

    I'm all up for 'E pulling the trigger on Reigns, he can win it later or at next year's Mania or whenever, I don't really care for him, at this point.
    But yeah, can't say I wouldn't love it if Orton defeated The Beast and then Rollins cashed in his MITB after the match is over. One can dream for sure.
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