Brock Lesnar Selling His Minnesota Acreage

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Jun 2, 2014.

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    Now I have to say this is a very nice property, a huge property at that and I'm sure it's a great home for a big family or for vacation purposes. I'm sure fans are already looking to buy it. Some family of mine may be returning to MN soon so I'm sure they're looking into buying this property.
  2. Looks secluded. I like it.
  3. dope spot for sure. Just bleach the hell out of the sauna/shower/anywhere else sable's been in or on naked.

    Really though way less than expected and 43 acres? shit piss yeah. Grow house for the kings, you'd see em coming a long ways away.
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  4. Would love to live away from the world like that... unfortunately I have too many responsibilities to be able to do so.
  5. I'd harvest my organs to live in a place like that. Also, I like the idea of being a recluse.
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