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  1. Several months ago in the Summer, I made a thread about the possibility of seeing Brock fight HBK after Summerslam (possibly Survivor Series), back when we thought Brock was gonna perform on more PPVs than he did. While I realized it was a long shot, I thought it was a decent idea regardless. However, now I think it would be a great idea for WM29 - instead of HHH wanting any sort of revenge (the feud seems to be over, tbh), maybe Michaels himself wants revenge for what Brock did to him and challenges him for Wrestlemania?

    While I know this won't happen, it's still awesome to think about regardless.
  2. Michaels said that he was not going to wrestle more , he was completly retired..
  3. He all know how sacred a wrestler's word is when it comes to retirement...

    Michaels said in 2010 he'd be willing to wrestle one or two matches maybe in the future.
  4. Well then If returns Its gonna be against HHH just respect , both as faces ... And that will be HHH last match
  5. HBK's not Flair, though.
  6. I'm not interested tbh, if HBK is ever going to have one more match I think it should be with The Rock or HHH.

    A match vs Brock won't be interesting imo.
  7. I'd be interested because of how good it would be, but yeah it won't happen. Brock vs HHH part 2 is going to happen as HHH can't perform right in the bedroom now because of his loss to Brock.
  8. :LOL1:
    yea HHH ego is to big to take that loss, he stupidly buried Punk at NOC2011 and now he will bury Lesnar at WM29..
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    Buried? Really?
  10. Not buried, but if you were told before Lesnar returned that they were thinking of having Lesnar return, lose to Cena in his first month, beat HHH but then lose to him again at WM would you have been as excited as you were when he first came back? I think it's been a tragic waste of a fantastic talent and opportunity. I understand the need to set up dream matches to sell big PPV's, but use his appearances wisely and you could have had both.
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    People expected him to go up against anything else but established stars? My buried comment was more about Punk actually, he'd lost a lot of steam even before the unification match and I don't see how HHH buried him tbh, it had multiple interferences for one.
  12. HHH/Lesnar is not a dream match cause it's happened 20 times already. Also, what're they gonna call Cena/Rock II? Twice in a lifetime?
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    Wasn't it the first time at Summerslam? I have a hazy mind.
  14. Rock/Brock II is more appealing than Brock/HHH II or Rock/Cena II.
  15. In the modern era it's a dream match regardless of how many times it has or hasn't happened. It's a big big match that sells, that is my definition of the dream match anyway. Who cares about what WWE is going to call Rock/Cena part 2, or that before it was "once in a lifetime"? Is this honestly the first time WWE has lied to us? Lol no, they want to make money regardless. Unfortunately if the IWC provided the card for WM 29, the PPV would most likely be more entertaining for us, but it wouldn't be as successful.
  16. To you.
  17. Lots of times in the early 2000s, for example:


  18. Rock Brock wouldn't be as great as people make out but hey I'm not a huge fan of their Summerslam match from 02 so that could factor, I want Brock in a stiff as fuck brawl, why on earth is Hero on NXT still?
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    Neither were 1 on 1
  20. So you'd rather see the other two over Rock/Brock? Objectively, it would definitely outdraw Brock/HHH II and maybe even a Cena/Rock rematch as well.
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