Brock Lesnar Should Win At WrestleMania 31 And Why He Should

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Brock Lesnar is the most vicious athlete in the entire 50+ years of WWE and since Heyman's promo made it seem like he will indeed be resigning after this current deal he needs to win his match at WrestleMania 31.

    There are no other wrestlers in the entire world that display the kind of wrestling talent and the combination of pure strength, speed, and resilience that Lesnar has. With this being said, I think that continuing to have him hold the belt is not a bad storyline moving forward. It can be argued that it’s time to hand over the belt to Roman Reigns or let Seth Rollins become champion, but Lesnar is the best physical wrestler in the business today. Watching Lesnar power his way through the WWE roster is entertaining itself and as long the WWE is willing to pay him a lot of money to show up at every PPV, having Lesnar as the champion is great. The only downside about Lesnar ever becoming champion has been his absence. There have been no questions about whether he deserves to be champion and he needs to make his mark at WrestleMania. Another positive factor with Lesnar winning at WrestleMania means more Paul Heyman time. Week after week, Heyman proves to the WWE Universe that he is the best in the business at cutting promos. He puts over Lesnar better than anyone, but at the same tim has helped put over Reigns. His words are genius and he’s always been the best when he has been with Lesnar. Losing Heyman for 10 minutes a week will hurt the show and it will be interesting to see where he would go if Lesnar walked away from the mat. Reigns doesn’t need to become the champion right now and the fans would probably rather see him lose. Lesnar can beat down Reigns and still put him over, even by beating him. Heyman said it best in his promo this past week on Raw when he talked about how people would respect Reigns after the beating he was going to take. The fans can watch Reigns kick out of two or three F-5’s, and then finally get beaten on a fourth one and they will respect him. As long as Reigns doesn’t fall easy and gives Lesnar a good fight, winning doesn’t matter. A feud with Lesnar after WrestleMania will only do good for Reigns and if he were to win the title on his first chance, things may be coming too quickly for him. A WrestleMania moment is a bigger deal, but Lesnar needs to stick around and continue the dominance he has had for so long. Heyman makes Lesnar better and the combination of those help legitimize the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Watching Reigns walk out and cut a promo as champion will be boring. Everything Lesnar does is entertaining and besides the RKO, there aren’t too many better finishers to watch than the F-5. Fans may be distraught with Lesnar as a part-time champion. However, having Lesnar continue as champion will allow Reigns the time to develop and give time for the fans to finally like him.