Summerslam Brock Lesnar Summerslam video

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  1. Why does Bork look sad? :sad:
  2. Because he's not bouncing.
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  3. Bork Laser sounds like a homosexual redneck that got kicked in the balls by steel toe boots.
  4. I'm sure you love it really :troll:
  5. Farooq, Why are you quoting yourself? :haha:
  6. lololol

    brock is definitely winning!
  7. I expect him to work quite stiff, that'll be awesome.
  8. I'm sure HHH vs Lesnar will be awesome.
  9. Best of the night I think, and that's not just because I'm a Trips fan.
  10. Lies. it is just because youre a trips fan :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. You lie, I'm telling the 100 percent truuuuth! :notsure:
  12. Brock Lesnar is amazing and he can legit beat anyone up if they piss him off
  13. Even if that Cain Velasquez guy pissed him off? :hmm:
  14. You tell us this in every post. It's as if you believe HHH is going to botch or something resulting in Brock shooting on his ass and beating the living shit out of him lmao.

  15. crayos animation the person who is on the floor is brock
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